The Wired Flower


Plants and flowers are a big mystery amongst themselves. And for people who love studying about them, it is a mystery to uncover more details about different flowers. We keep on trying and researching more and more about the different flowers. And as we start to dig deeper, we start uncovering different truths about the same. The wired flower is one such concept that can help extensively in learning more about the behavior and the growth of herbs.

There are many things we try so that we can understand more about plant physiology. Several groups and people have been conducting extensive research to follow the same, but not all of them are getting successful. Some of them, though, have been able to reach close to their study about plants. The wired flower can help in understanding more about the physiology of a plant. Let us know more about this unique concept of flowers.

The Wired Flower To Understand Flowers

Wired Flower: Everything You Should Know
Wired Flower: Everything You Should Know

While researching to learn more about the physiology of plants, several scientists from the Linkoping University in Sweden were able to get closer to it. They were able to create a flexible circuit inside the stem of a plant. Not only the stem, but they have also been able to design circuits inside the leaves of rosebush cuttings. Because of this latest development, several opportunities are now open to understanding more about plants. Now you can harvest all the energy from the plant’s biochemical process.

The group of scientists achieved this by forming a circuit with the help of water-soluble and conductive polymer, PEDOT. To start with the process, they first dissolve the polymer into the water. After this, they place a rose inside the container. The rose begins taking up the polymer in its xylem in addition to the water present in the pot. The PEDOT then starts aggregating on its own into the wires, which are around five cms long. When the scientists peeled back the top layer of the plant, they were able to see the material without any hassle.

More About This Research

Wired Flower: Everything You Should Know
Wired Flower: Everything You Should Know

One can quickly check out all the fine wires by just peeling off the top layer of the plants. And because of this study now it is clear that you can make electronic circuits in the plants. When you attach electric probes to the ends of the wires, you will be able to conduct the electricity through the help of the polymer. You can use the cables to create a transistor inside the flower.

The scientists also put different PEDOT solutions into the leaves with the help of vacuum pressure. Because of this, they were able to create a conductive network inside the plant tissue. By applying different voltages, you can quickly check the color of the leaves. The research can have several implications and can also help you extensively. It makes the use of plant cuttings. And now, they are starting to research its applications on living plants.

Because of the wired flower, now scientists can measure the concentration of different molecules when it comes to living plants. They will also be able to influence the frequency of various substances present in plants, which lead to their growth and development.

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