Wildflowers: Skin Toning Secret

Violets are blues, and roses are red. But do you know wildflowers can be more useful than both violets and roses?

Not all wildflowers are beautiful or have a pleasant fragrance. However, most wildflowers have chemical properties that naturally cure different infections. When it comes to treating skin infections, wildflowers have proven to be very useful.

The following are top wildflowers that carry the secret to skin toning.


Marigold is a wildflower from the daisy family. It is one of the most used wildflowers in manufacturing cosmetics. It has a natural healing ability that cures different skin infections.

The flower has anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal and antibacterial properties. The chemical properties make it a perfect choice for treating skin irritations such as fungal infections, dermatitis, rosacea, and eczema.

Marigold healing properties are effective in preventing acne. Marigold also has a natural antioxidant that fights against skin damages and premature aging.


Cornflower is a multi-colored wildflower. It comes in red, pink, blue, and purple. The most common variety is blue Cornflower. The flower grows naturally in Europe and the Middle East.

The uses of cornflower are culinary, medicinal and cosmetic. Cornflower contains anthocyanins which have anti-inflammatory properties.

The anti-inflammatory property soothes itchy skin, firms and tones loose skin around the eyes.

Jasmine Flower

Wildflowers: The Secret To Skin Toning
Wildflowers: The Secret To Skin Toning


Jasmine is a wildflower that grows naturally in warm tropical climates. There are different varieties of jasmine flowers. Some Jasmine species climb on trees while others develop as bushes.

Jasmine oil extract has a curing effect on human skin. The oil has a natural antiseptic that heals scars and wounds quickly.

For dry skin, jasmine oil gives a moist, radiant glow. The flower also contains natural anti-aging properties that prevent the development of skin wrinkles.


Dandelion is one wildflower that can be overlooked and you might uproot it from your garden like any other weed. However, you will be surprised by the secrets of this simple flower.

Dandelion extracts work as skin detoxifiers. Detoxifying the skin opens up the pores and enables the skin to have a clearer tone and complexion.

Dandelion stem sap treats fungal infections. The flowers also rich in vitamin C. Vitamin C makes scars, acne, and redness from inflammation less noticeable.

The dandelion extracts are used to manufacture lotions and skin creams. The dandelion products protect the skin from excessive sunlight.

Wild Pansy

Wild Pansy is another wildflower whose beauty and usefulness has brought it to home gardens.

Pimples or acne can affect anyone at any age.  When the pores get clogged, the glands under the skin gets inflamed, and pimples may appear. The wild pansy has salicylic acid which produces soothing and calming effect on the skin.

Parting Shot

Wildflowers: The Secret To Skin Toning
Wildflowers: The Secret To Skin Toning

From Marigold to Wild pansy, wildflowers can keep your skin looking young forever. All you need to do is to know which wildflower can cure your skin infection. However, you need to be careful with wildflowers. Some of the wildflowers are poisonous. When handling the flowers ensure you take the precautionary measure. In case you use a wildflower affects your skin tone consult a specialist for further assistance.

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