Why Should You Use Cheap Silk Flowers On Your Special Day

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Artificial flowers are gaining popularity as a lovely, long-lasting, and often less expensive alternative to fresh bridal flowers.  It’s not just the bridal bouquet, either; plenty of ideas for incorporating artificial flowers into your wedding that will look gorgeous in photos. Most brides prefer fresh flowers on their wedding day because of their aroma and natural beauty. However, there are some drawbacks. For starters, they’re more expensive than artificial flowers; they’ll wilt and die over time, and your chosen blossoms may not be in bloom or even accessible at the time of your wedding.

Benefits Of Silk Flowers

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Silk flowers, on the other hand, have numerous advantages. With the tremendous leap in quality and realism, you may not detect much of a difference between them and the real thing. You can even use a flower perfume to imitate the aroma.

Here are some reasons why cheap silk flowers might be a good choice for your wedding: 

• You may color-match artificial flowers to any shade to make them compliment your color scheme.

• Allergy-friendly artificial flowers eliminate the risk of a runny nose and watery eyes as you walk down the aisle.

• They don’t attract wasps or pests, so if you have an outdoor wedding, you won’t have to worry.

• You can get whatever flower variety you choose, even if it’s out of season, and it’ll always be in bloom.

• Artificial wedding flowers will not wilt or die, ensuring that they appear flawless on the big day.

• Real flowers have the potential to discolor your dress; however artificial flowers will not.

• Because artificial flowers are lightweight and easy to transport, they are great for destination weddings.

• You can keep your fake flowers indefinitely.

• They may be less expensive than fresh flowers.

Wedding Flowers Made of Silk

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The majority of ‘silk flowers’ are now constructed of nylon or polyester materials rather than real silk. The biggest benefit of silk flowers is that they come in virtually any color, size, or form, and you can find most flower varieties in silk, including popular bridal flowers like roses, peonies, and lilies. Silk flowers are also incredibly lifelike in appearance, as each head appears to be slightly different so that they would look quite realistic in a bouquet. Silk bridal flowers, such as these lovely posies of flowers above, make lovely bridal table decorations. The flowers make a charming statement on their own, but you can dress them up even more by adding ribbon, stones, or confetti to the jar. Silk flower accessories are ideal for your flower girls because they can retain them as a keepsake after the ceremony.


Cheap silk flowers can be purchased at any time, unlike real flowers, which have a limited delivery and arrangement window. This implies you may need to store them if you obtain them much ahead of schedule. You’ll need to dust them regularly if you wish to exhibit them after the wedding. Use a soft towel or a soft-bristled paintbrush once a week or at least a few times a month.

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