Wedding Flower Ideas

Wedding Flowers Ideas: Plan Your Dream Wedding

An Introduction To Wedding Flower Ideas

You can never have a perfect wedding without fresh flowers. Wedding flowers constitute one of the most archaic elements on your D-day! Luckily, you have a lot of varieties and combinations to choose from. Here we shall provide some wedding flower ideas.

Garden Equipment Lightweight Tools Set (10pcs)

This garden equipment set is light in weight and is thus, easily portable. All the essential tools that you need for gardening are there in this set. It also comes in several floral designs. The package contains a rake hoe, a weeder, two spades. Two trowel shovels, two pruning shears, a cultivator, a molded case and water spray bottle are also included in this set.

This product will help you to plant your favorite flowers in your back yard. These are made of robust material which will not let it break easily. Moreover, the product has a flower prints on it. This print makes the product look nice. This can both be used indoors as well as outdoors.

Ceiling adorned with garlands of flowers.

If you fancy a romantic outdoor wedding theme, cover up the exposed beams of your tent. Flowers like ivy, boxwood or ferns can be chosen if you want an attractive and prolific looking garland. Enhance its charisma by merely hanging a few bundles of unclad branches or flower spray.

A Floral Cascade

A flower fountain imitates the perfect romantic set-up for your dream wedding. You can never go wrong with lush hydrangea or pouring flora. Also, including items like lily pads and floating candles in the pool can elevate the romantic look to a completely different level.

Floral Scenery

You can create a perfect background for memorable wedding pictures by a co-ordinated arrangement of flowers and greenery. We all love the modern variance between chandeliers and factory walls and orchard blooms.

Dossal Pomanders

If you want an outdoor wedding scenery, you can cover up a tree by hanging pomanders of different colors and sizes. Make sure to take help of additional supports while hanging them to prevent them from falling in the middle of the ceremony.

Show Off A Grand Wedding Cake On The Staircase

Make the best use of a grand staircase if it is a part of your venue. You can begin your reception with a cocktail hour in the porch area. Use this opportunity to convert the railings into an exquisite work of floral art. Lush greenery, dispersed petals, a plethora of roses can do the magic. In addition to this, overhead lighting (besides the spectacular display of wedding cake) can provide for a magnificent entrance.

Fruit Delivery

It is easy to add grapes to your soft floral petals. This incorporation provides a unique appearance for your floral arrangements. While large bundles create a ripple effect, small bundles are adequate to be noticed without taking the spotlight away from flowers.

Chandeliers Made By Flowers

Simply putting some stems in an upside-down position transforms the light units into beautiful chandeliers. Generally, chandeliers decorated with flowers come with additional structure and extra labor costs. However, this graceful yet simple display of flowers is breathtaking.

Drifting Florals

Floral crests are common phenomena. However, it is rare to see them floating in a pool, amidst floral arrangements and surrounded by candles. You can create an innovative wedding flower design with this idea if your venue includes a pool. It can be a perfect opportunity to create a breathtaking scenario.

Planting Indoor Trees

It is always good to bring the outdoors inside. Towering trees in the ballroom give an aura of a garden party. Also, the branches can be used for suspending some more decorative pieces of art. Most commonly used ones are string lights.

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