Wedding Flower Arrangements

Wedding Flower Arrangements For The Big Day

The perfect wedding flower arrangements can make any simple wedding look spectacular. Every bride and groom like to make his or her wedding look the most unique in its own way. For making any wedding individual, people use different themes and designs. But the essential essence of any wedding decoration is the flowers. Bouquets, centerpieces, and also boutonnieres are the regular flower arrangement but are still everyone’s favorite. Apart from these ordinary ways, there are numerous ways to arrange flowers for a perfect wedding. Therefore let’s take a look at the different wedding flower arrangements.

Wedding Flower Arrangements For The Big Day
Wedding Flower Arrangements For The Big Day

Different Wedding Flower Arrangements

Bridal bouquet- a bride carries a bouquet on her wedding day when she walks down the aisle. Therefore, the bridal bouquet is the essential flower arrangement at any wedding. A bride can use any flower arrangement with different color palettes and sizes that goes well with her attire or the decoration. She can also opt to decorate the bouquet even further with laces and ribbons.
Bridesmaid bouquet- a bridesmaid bouquet has similar flowers and a color palette, same as the bride’s bouquet. But comparatively, a bridesmaid bouquet is smaller and less elaborative.
Boutonniere- these are tiny flower arrangements that a man wears on a suit or a tuxedo. It contains one or two smaller flowers along with berries and greenery. Groom, groomsmen, father of the groom and bride and sometimes the ring bearer wear such boutonniere.

Some More Wedding Flower Arrangements

Corsage- mother of the bride and the groom, grandmothers, and also some special female guests wear this corsage around their wrist. It contains some small flowers along with the arrangement of greenery.
Crown of flower- flower crown is the ring of flower that flower girls and younger girl guests wear around their heads. Some brides also like to wear such arrangements on their special day.
Floral hair accessory- one can beautifully decorate the hair with this hair accessory. The arrangement looks perfect on a bridal when she sports a loose hair or pins it lightly.
Ceremonial flowers- in several cultures around the world like in India, flowers are an essential part of the wedding ceremony apart from the decoration.

Some More Arrangements Of Flower

Petal carpet- some people like to decorate the floor area leading the bride from the aisle to the altar. The floor filled with flower petal looks spectacular and perfect for the wedding pictures.
Floral arch or Chuppah- this flower decoration idea is famous, and you can see it in almost all the weddings. The decoration serves as perfect ceremonial backdrop and picture portraits.
Floral tie-back- such flower decoration helps to hold a drapery from one side. This ceremonial backdrop enhances the complete wedding look and perfect for entrances and also main venues.

Wedding Flower Arrangements For The Big Day
Wedding Flower Arrangements For The Big Day


There are innumerable options to decorate and arrange the flowers at a wedding. One can select any type and size of the flower to decorate the entire venue and also choose some to decorate the self.

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