We Are Here To Show You Some Useful Garden Hose Storage Ideas

garden hose storage ideas

No matter how big or tiny your garden is, a hose is a must-have accessory! While your hose has made watering your lawn more convenient, finding a location to store it without it becoming bent, damaged, or knotted in a heap can be a challenge. Leaving a hose lying about is unsightly and possibly dangerous. Put your outdoor hose away with one of these basic yet creative garden hose storage ideas.

Garden Hose Storage Ideas


Garden Hose

If you could not obtain a retractable hose, you’ll need to find a suitable storage location for your hose. To store your hose in, a giant imitation bamboo or rattan basket, preferably with a lid, is an attractive option. It is one garden ornament that will look great in any setting.


Garden Hose

Another excellent option to hide your hose is to keep it in a large earthen pot with a lid. The lid will hide your hose while also protecting it from the outdoors.

Buckets Made At Home.

Don’t throw out one of your grandmother’s old galvanized steel buckets if you happen to come upon one lying around. Nail the bucket to the wall and coil your hose around it for an easy DIY hose storage project. Use the bucket’s hollow interior to store a few small garden tools, as well as sprinklers and other hose attachments.

Hose Holder For Faucet

A faucet mount hose holder is ideal for keeping the garden hose as close to the tap as possible. To handle the weight of the hose, ensure that your tap is firm and well-mounted.

Station For Holders

Another excellent option to store your hose after usage is using a holder station. On the internet, you can find a variety of hose holding station designs. Make sure you choose a rust-free metal holder because it will be continually moist; after all, here is where you’ll be storing a watering hose!

Reel for Hoses

If you have a large garden with a 100-foot hose, investing in a hose reel will eliminate the daily tasks of hauling the hose across the length and breadth of your garden and manually reeling it in. A hose reel typically comes with a variety of adapters, and one of the benefits of using one is that you don’t have to unreel the entire hose to use it. 

Hose Reel On The Wall

The portable hose reel is identical to the wall-mounted hose reel, except that it is usually installed near the water source. Choose a swivel wall-mounted style to reel in your hose from any angle quickly.

Cabinet For Storing Items

If you don’t have a garage that doubles as a storage shed for all of your garden equipment, invest in a storage trunk or cabinet to provide much-needed garden storage. Place the cabinet in a convenient area, preferably near the water source, so you don’t have to haul your hose from one end of the garden to the other daily.


Enjoy watering your garden every day, and when it’s time to put your hose away, do so in style and store them with ease with our garden hose storage ideas!

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