Flowers For Wedding Ceremonies

Careful planning is all you need to pick the right wedding flower. Understand how many flowers you need and where to use them. The purpose and availability of flowers is a key factor to consider when choosing any wedding flower.

To make the right decision, list down different flowers for a wedding. Finally, settle on flowers that are available in the market.

Whether you are thinking of a garden, beach, or indoor wedding, the following flowers will brighten your day.


In the world of weddings, roses are exciting. Long considered a mark of love and beauty, the flower feature into many fairy tales. Writers and poets use roses as a metaphor for true love, passion, beauty, and emotion.

In a wedding, different roses can serve different purposes. Roses come in different scents, colors, and design. The colors range from bicolor varieties to solid hues.

Over 3,000 varieties of roses are available throughout the year. The favorite roses for weddings are:

–    Hybrid teas roses

–    Spray roses

–    Garden roses

Calla Lily

On your special day, the modern and sleek looking calla lily’s would make a statement. The flower blossoms with a trumpet look and a long stem.

In wedding, use a tall vase and place a few flowers for a dramatic centerpiece. The Calla lilies are in different colors. Primary colors are pink, orange and yellow.


Types Of Flowers For Wedding Ceremonies
Types Of Flowers For Wedding Ceremonies


Tulips are a Persia native flower signifying “happy years” and “consuming love.” The flower can be a meaningful wedding choice for everyone.

Tulips comes in wide ranges of colors. The main colors are pastels (peach, yellow and pink), cream, and vibrant shades (magenta, orange, red, and purple).

Tulips are available all year round for weddings.

From boutonnieres and bouquets to table arrangements, Tulips can enhance a wedding setting. The main tulips for weddings are:

–    Dutch tulips

–    French tulips

–    Parrot tulips.


If you are looking for a perfect flower to add mystery and air to your wedding, Orchids are a perfect choice. Orchids are exotic and timeless flowers that symbolize refinement and beauty. They make a stunning look to any wedding arrangement. Orchid flowers work well in beach or tropical weddings.

Lily Of The Valley

Sometimes called “the ladder to heaven,” the Lily of the Valley is a tiny bell-shaped floret with a thin stem. The scent of fresh Lily is unmistakable.

Lily of the Valley was used in Kate Middleton’s royal wedding in 2011. The flower is available throughout the year, though its plenty during spring.

Lily of the valley comes in white and rare rosy-pink colors.


Types Of Flowers For Wedding Ceremonies
Types Of Flowers For Wedding Ceremonies


Surrounded by waxy and dark green leaves, the exquisite gardenia gives a strong, sultry scent.

In weddings, Gardenia flowers are perfect for floating in low bowls or bouquet as a centerpiece.

However, the flower needs proper care and handling. Gardenia has delicate ivory petals.

Final Words

You don’t need to be a flower expert to choose the best flower that suits your wedding theme. Flowers come in different colors and scents that are recognizable by anyone. Use our list to choose fresh flowers for your big day. Remember to arrange the flowers well for amazing photos.

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