Popular Types Of Flowers

The flowering plants are called Angiosperms and are divided into two major categories. The categories are Monocots and Dicots. Only the Dicots and Monocots plants flower.

In the two categories, there are between 250,000 to 400,000 different types of flowers.

Dicot plants have two seed capsules while the monocots have only one cotyledon. The cotyledon gives a plant embryo food.

1. Monocot Flowers

The monocot flowers are also called grass flowers. Grasses comprise of one largest group called Poaceae. In this family of plants, there are approximately 9,000 known species of plants.

Grasses have small flowers. This is why most people tend to think that the plants do not flower. The common plants in monocot category are rice, wheat, and corn.

Below are different classifications of monocot flowering plants.


Orchids are in the family of monocot flowering plants. There are over 20,000 different species of Orchids. 30% of the monocot plants are grouped under Orchids category.

The Orchid flowers are unique because of their pistils and stamens. The flowers also have petals in groups of three. Orchids have pollinia which hold pollen grains. The Flower petals form a ‘lip’ shaped petal making orchids symmetrical.


The Asparagales family has approximately 5,000 species. All the species fall under monocot flowering plant.

The commonly known plants in this category include garlic, aloe, onion, daffodils, asparagus, and daylilies. Most of the plants in this category have a cluster of leaves at the tip or base of their truck.

The seeds of Asparagales are coated with Phytomelanin. It is a sooty black substance formed by the plants.

True Lilies

Top Different Types Of Flowers
Top Different Types Of Flowers


The lilies family has approximately 1,200 different species. The members of this group include Bomareas, tulips, mariposa lilies, and wake robins.

The flowers of true lilies grow from corms or bulbs.

Many flowers that have the name Lily are not true lilies. Flowers such as arum lilies, lilies of the valley, and water lilies are not in the category of true lilies.

Dicot Flowers

More than half of the dicot plants are woody. The petals of the dicot flowers are the major distinguishing factor of dicots from monocots. The monocots petals are in a cluster of three while dicots have a cluster of four or five petals.

Below are the top classes of dicot flowers.

Sunflower Family

The sunflower family includes daisy, sunflower, coyote brush, dandelions, and asters.

Sunflower family has a flower head with other separate flowers at the center. Every flower at the center has a five-petal shape.


The geranium class has five petals. In the center of the flower, there are either five or ten stamens. The pistil has five different sects that split when the fruit matures.


Rose, Blossom, Bloom, Bloom, Yellow Orange
Top Different Types Of Flowers


Rose flowers are the most used flowers in the world. They belong to the Rosacea flower family. The other flowers that belong to this category include cherries, apples, raspberries, and plums.

The rosacea flowers have many petals as compared to the other flowers.


Different classification of flowers makes it easy to study and understand the anatomy of flowers. Flowers are classified together by their similar characteristics. Without classifications, it would be difficult to understand the reproduction of different plants.

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