Kinds Of Roses

There are different flowers in humans’ lives, but there is only one flower that touches the heart of every man. Rose flower is the most used flower in the world.

This article, therefore, discusses the major classifications and uses of rose flowers.

Classification Of Roses

Roses are classified into three categories namely; species, old garden, and modern roses.

Species Roses

Species roses are rose flowers that bloom once in a season but bear many single flowers. It only blooms in the summer season. The species category has colorful petals and a strong fragrance.

Most of the species roses are shrub plants. Only a few of the roses are climbers. The roses are resistant to diseases and pests.

In the market, the most popular species is Rosa rugosa. Its popularity is as a result of its ease of maintenance, disease resistance, and superior hardiness.  


–    Used for borders and hedges.

–    Used as a climbing plant.

–    Ideal for naturalizing.

–    Perfect for flower arranging.

–    Used in attracting wildlife.

–    The hips of the roses manufacture cooking spices.

Old Garden Roses

The Old Garden Roses is a class of roses that were in existence before 1867. The roses have a strong scent and a delicate beauty that is not common among modern hybrid roses.

The old garden roses are subdivided into different groups. The groups vary from roses with great winter hardiness, wonderful fragrance, lovely and tender roses to flowers grown in warm climates.

Generally, the old garden roses are easy to grow, winter-hardy, and resistant to pests and diseases.

Old garden roses are commonly white. However, the colors vary among different species.

For home gardens and lawns, ‘antique roses’ are more preferred. Other groups of old garden roses are;

–    China Roses,

–    Moss Roses,

–    Tea Roses,

–    Damask Roses,

–    And Bourbon Roses.

The main species of old rose flowers include; Gallica, Alba, Moss, Portland, Damask, Centifolia or Provence, China, Hybrid Musk, Hybrid Rugosa, Tea, Bourbon, Noisette Miscellaneous Roses, Bermuda ‘Mystery’ roses and Hybrid perpetual.

Modern Roses

Modern Roses are all roses identified after 1867. The predecessors of modern roses are the old garden roses.

The modern roses are a crossbreed of polyanthus (a species of primrose) and a hybrid tea.

The modern rose colors are vibrant, rich, and varied. Hybrid Tea roses, Grandiflora roses, floribunda roses are the most adored roses. Although modern roses are popular, they do not flourish well with cold environments. The flowers also require a high level of care.

Top Uses Of Roses

Top Classification And Uses Of Roses
Top Classification And Uses Of Roses


Medicinal Use

Roses are rich in vitamin A, B3, C, D, and E. The flowers are also certified to be used as anti-oxidant and antiseptic. Various medicinal products extracted from roses give a soothing effect to depressed patients.


From funeral ceremonies to auspicious weddings rose flowers serve all needs for decorations.


Different products such as rose essences, rose syrups, flavoring agent and rose petal jams are extracts of the rose flower.


From expressing a heartfelt desire to congratulating someone the roses are a perfect gift.


Rose flower has a component that promotes hair growth and removal of acne.

Manufacture Of Perfumes

Top Classification And Uses Of Roses
Top Classification And Uses Of Roses


Roses are the main ingredient for the manufacturing of scented products and perfumes.

In conclusion, red roses are the most sought type of rose flower. They are a symbol of love. People send red roses to their loved ones to express their feelings to them.

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