Top Best Edible Plants You Can Grow With Ease At Home

Gardening has several benefits; for instance, it reduces stress and gives one a feeling of accomplishment. If you are short of outdoor space and love growing your food, an indoor garden is the best solution for you as it saves money by cutting off the cost of buying vegetables as well as enables you to eat fresh homegrown organic foods. The following is a list of the best edible plants that you can grow inside with ease.

Lettuce: Edible Plants

Lettuce are available in several varieties and planting more than one variety gives an aesthetic value to your window. It matures quickly, and you can harvest the leaves by pruning the outer leaves as the plant continues to grow.


Tomatoes are available in several varieties, and many are grown in pots. Notably, the best type to grow indoors is Cherry. However, some unique “patio” varieties are mainly designed to be grown in small spaces. Tomatoes need plenty of sunlight to be able to produce fruits hence ensure there is plenty of light or buy an affordable grow light.

Top Best Edible Plants You Can Grow With Ease At Home
Top Best Edible Plants You Can Grow With Ease At Home


Beetroots are planted in deep pots from 6 inches high. Growing them in your home garden is very beneficial as you will get beets and greens at the same time. Harvesting of baby beets begins after 30 days according to the variety.


Lemons undergo self-pollination and take a few years to bear fruits. Dwarf lemons grow best indoors, provided they are exposed to the sun for at least six hours a day. Meyer lemons are famous for their abundant and delicious fruits as well as glowing up a room.

Scallions: Edible Plants

Scallions are also known as green onions. Their mild onion-flavored greens are ready for harvesting when they reach approximately four inches in height and re-grows continuously when harvested. Scallions can be effortlessly planted off remnants from a grocery store and will re-grow without undergoing seed germination.

Top Best Edible Plants You Can Grow With Ease At Home
Top Best Edible Plants You Can Grow With Ease At Home


Both sweet and hot peppers require sunlight. Peppers should not be placed near the air inlet or a drafty window during winter because they love warm temperatures. Smaller pepper varieties will effortlessly grow inside the house; however, it’s not hard to produce either of the two indoors under appropriate conditions.

Rosemary: Edible Plants

Grows best under the dry condition, and it’s best for folks who usually forget to water their plants regularly. The soil is allowed to dry off during the watering intervals. Harvest the stem of the plant when it attains a height of six inches, and harvesting should be done partially, not exceeding a third of the plant at a time as it grows sluggishly.


A dwarf variety of peach undergoes self-pollination; therefore, to get plenty of fruits, one should; ensure the peach tree gets sun, keep the soil moist but not swampy and apply fertilizer frequently.


Oregano is a staple herb in many households that requires a well-drained- sandy soil; hence should be watered sparingly and trimmed frequently to enhance dense and healthy foliage.


There are several varieties of self-pollinating citrus and dwarf orange trees. For instance, calamondin and tangerine respectively bring out a burst. The fruit is a delicacy breed between a kumquat and a mandarin orange.

Parsley: Edible Plants

Parsley, on the other hand, requires approximately 6 hours of sunlight nevertheless performs well in average room temperature. When it’s fully grown, you can cut the stems cautiously, leaving about two inches to continue growing.

Top Best Edible Plants You Can Grow With Ease At Home
Top Best Edible Plants You Can Grow With Ease At Home


Dwarf limes grow best under full sun hence should be placed outside during the warm season. The trees do not self-pollinate; thus, its flowers are hand- pollinated if the plants are kept inside all year long.


Cilantro grows best from seeds and, thus, not transplanted. Therefore, moving it inside from the garden will be meaningless as it requires the sun for around four to five hours a day. If it starts to get lanky as a result of reaching for the light, nip the growing tips to enhance a fluffy plant.


Olive trees have an esthetic value as well as produce fruits. Olives require cool temperatures, so it should be moved to a shed for at least two months in frosty weather to produce fruits, and Arbequina is the best for containers.

Swiss Chard

Swiss Chard has tender leaflets with crispy stems, and they have aesthetic value hence decorates your kitchen window. It is customarily harvested outwardly as new leaves grow from the middle.

Nothing feels good like knowing that the vegetables you are taking are from your home garden. Growing edible plants is a good practice, and everyone should attempt it.

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