Things For Flower Arranging

A flower arrangement is an art form. You can use it as a centerpiece at the dining table or as a house decoration. You have the option to buy flower arrangements, but it is way cheaper to do it yourself. It is also more fun. You only need a handful of materials to accomplish a simple flower arrangement. Here are the things you need for a flower arrangement.


This goes without saying – you need flowers. You can buy a bunch of the same kind. You can also mix and match flowers to create a dynamic arrangement. For instance, you can mix a few strands of baby’s breath with a bouquet of flowers. Add some leaves for more dimension.

Floral foam

This is where you will stick your flowers into. It provides support and structural integrity. It absorbs water so that your plants will stay hydrated. You need enough foam to cover the base of the vase or container that you will use.

Flower vase – DONOUCLS Mini Crystal Flower Bud Vase Decorative Centerpiece

The vase is where you will place your arrangement. It can be attractive to bring more attention to the flower arrangement. It can also be simple so that you emphasize the beauty of the flowers. You might want to use this crystal vase. It is perfect for long-stemmed arrangements. It is clear so that the viewer can see the elongated stems. The design is very classic and modern.

Floral tape – DECORA 1/2″ Wide Dark Green Floral Tapes

The floral tape helps you stick some parts together. You can also use this to adhere decorations like ribbons unto the arrangement. It is strong, stretchable, and colorfast. This tape can seamlessly blend into the stems. Once left overnight, it will dry into the stems. You can use some wire as an alternative, but wires tend to be more noticeable because of their reflective surface.

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