The Benefits of Using Wood Flowers For Your Wedding

wood flowers for wedding

When people think of wood flowers for wedding bouquets and flower arrangements, they instantly think of old-fashioned Victorian times. Not only are they often classed as formal, but they also smell really bad. And yes, they do stink! That’s what they were made of back then, before all the modern chemicals and materials were used. In this article, we’ll explore some of the various types of wood flowers for wedding arrangements that are available today.

An Overview

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The traditional wood flowers used to create bouquets and floral arrangements are typically made from the sap of a tree called aeschid. But do you know of anyone who walks into an antique shop and says it’s that? Rather, call it solanaceae.

There are two major types of wooden flowers for decoration – the true florals (floriatae) and the hybrid florals (solanaceae). The true florals are known from the fossilized remains of ancient trees, whereas the hybrids are produced from living trees today. Hybrid florals are rarely used in wedding bouquets because their pollen is not potent enough to smell naturally. They are commonly used as centerpieces or in centerpieces with other flowers.

So why did wood flowers for wedding become extinct? The main reason is that they weren’t eco-friendly enough! Or rather, they had too many disadvantages compared to the benefits. For instance, these florals were much more fragile than their plastic counterparts. Even if they were carefully preserved, their natural oils would easily degrade with the changing temperature and humidity level.

Using Wood Flowers In Your Wedding

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Because of this, there was a need to produce a bouquet that was less fragile. The next logical step was to utilize corsages instead of the more traditional wood flowers for wedding bouquets. However, corsages require much more maintenance. Unlike florals, they do not change in fragrance, color, shape, length, and texture with the changing season. This means that they have to be properly stored when not in use.

On the other hand, traditional flowers for weddings are highly perishable and so cannot be stored properly. They also cannot withstand certain temperatures, such as those experienced by brides during their wedding day. Another disadvantage of traditional flowers is that they lack the vibrant colors that occur with micro-flora in non-traditional flowers. The lack of vibrant colors in traditional flowers means that the wedding day will end up being dull, even dull for some people.

When it comes to color, freshness, and the vibrancy of the flowers, the answer is obvious – fresh flowers. Fresh flowers are not only very attractive, but they are also very easy to maintain. Since fresh flowers are easily available, it is not difficult to order them on a regular basis. In addition, a wedding day should be a joyful and memorable event, not one that involves extensive flower care. Thus, using wood flowers for wedding bouquets and traditional flowers for a wedding day bouquet is the perfect solution.

One of the best reasons why choosing wood flowers for wedding flower alternatives is that they offer a high level of visual beauty. While traditional flowers can be often boring, beautiful flowers such as roses, carnations, tulips, and lilies can add an elegant touch to any wedding ceremony. Furthermore, fresh flowers look more natural and less artificial than the plastic flowers that are often used for floral decorating purposes. Finally, the bright coloration of the wood flowers complements any floral decor. This makes them excellent choices for weddings and events that want a unique flair.

The cost is another good reason to choose wood flowers for wedding day flower alternatives. Compared to traditional wedding florals made from plastic, these flowers are significantly more expensive. However, they are also considerably less expensive than their plastic counterparts. This is because some flowers are grown in large, fully enclosed greenhouses and shipped in their original containers, making them much more durable and less susceptible to damage and decay, both of which are common when using traditional wedding florals.

When it comes to convenience, nothing beats organic, sustainable wood flowers for wedding decor. These flowers can be easily customized by any florist to fit the exact size, shape, and color of any wedding bouquet. In addition, these flowers can be dried in low temperature ovens, which eliminates the need for packaging, which can save a substantial amount of time and money when it comes to shipping. Furthermore, these flowers can be easily customized with any number of different designs and colors, which means that they are great for making any kind of arrangement or decoration imaginable, from simple yet elegant bouquets to ornate centerpieces and carnations.

In The End

When it comes to ease-of-use and customization, nothing beats traditional white plastic bouquets and vases. While these flowers may look appealing and will likely please your guests, they are far from easy to use and are usually difficult to maintain. Moreover, these artificial flowers can be damaged by wind, splinters, or spills. However, the great thing about using sola wood flowers for wedding decorations is that they require virtually no care, are easy to maintain and will provide you with flowers that you can truly be proud of. Finally, by choosing to use these artificial flowers for your wedding, you will not only be showing your guests that you respect their desires and preferences, but you will be choosing an eco-friendly alternative that will help protect our environment.

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