Summer Flower Gardening And Tips

summer flower gardening

The best selection of long-flowering plants is important for making your garden look its best throughout the summer season. With these smart plant choices, you can save yourself time on replacing plants with shorter flowering seasons and can have beautiful gardens as well. However, flowering for a long period requires watering and feeding plants with a potash-rich feed, like tomato fertilizer. Some simple steps and smart choices, and you are all set for the blossom garden in the summer season.

Types Of Summer Gardening Flower

A close up of a flower


A close up of a flower

The flower is a great choice for planting in summer; Aster flower blooms in 85 days and can be directly sown. They germinate best with temperatures around 70°F and make splendid summer flowers.


Coreopsis is a gorgeous summer flower that takes just 83 days to blossom in natural colors. It germinates in temperatures such as 55°-70°F. Also, coreopsis will help you with next year’s garden, too, because it self sows readily.


Cosmos are available in a good variety of forms and are easily grown in your garden. They germinate the best in 70°F soil and flourish in only 45-65 days, depending on the variability.

Hyacinth Bean

Despite being a bean, Hyacinth is entirely ornamental and is poisonous if eaten. It is a large climbing bean that can be grown up to 10-20 ft, depending on the conditions. It gives beautiful pink-purple flowers and is sown a month after your last planting.

Johnny Jumpups

The cute little flowers, also known as violas, are easy to grow in the summer season and can be eaten too!


Signet Marigold and Lemon Gem take 59 days to bloom. Depending on the variability you select, you’ll have marigolds blooming in your garden in as little as 55 days. While many of us start them indoors early within the spring, they will be direct sown after soils warm up. Morning Glories


Another edible flower, nasturtiums, makes a wonderful addition to your summer garden. Phlox will start blooming well in the autumn, with flowers surviving temperatures right down to 20°F. It blooms in just 80 days and is a good candidate for direct summer.


Sometimes it is called Black-Eyed Susan; rudbeckia is the best for gardeners without tons of their time. It’s a very hardy perennial and self-sows and spreads readily.


Tithonia is a very heat hardy flower and can be direct-seeded in soil temperatures up to 86°F. It can grow up to five feet and is superb for attracting butterflies to your garden. Thus again, it is a smart choice for the summer season.


Super easy to grow sunflowers are a well-liked choice for several gardeners. They get up to summertime heat well and, counting on the variability, can bloom in as little as 53 days.


With the following proper tips and plants, you can have a late summer garden that is just as lovely as a spring garden. Most people only try gardening in the summer season; by gardening all around the year, you can easily get more enjoyment and time for it.

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