Stunning Cheap Flower Pots Garden

cheap flower pots

Make smart-chic cheap flower pots out of outdated, damaged, or about-to-be-discarded things. Add drainage holes if the goods don’t already have them. Alternatively, maintain the plants in their pots so you can quickly remove them from the container to drain any excess water.

A Hanging Garden

Cheap Flower

Plant holders can be made out of colourful purses, small tote bags, and other handled handbags. The potting soil will not discolour the clothes if they are lined with plastic. The handles can be hung from wall hooks, slipped over fence posts, or dangled from tree branches.

At the Beach

Cheap Flower

A selection of beach-themed planters, such as affordable sand buckets or other plastic beach toys, will provide a touch of the seaside to your garden. Coolers, both plastic and insulated metal, are excellent containers. Large shells can even be filled with sandy growing mix and miniature succulents tucked within.

Basket Cases

Decorative or storage baskets are available in various shapes, sizes, and colours to match your favourite container flowers. Apply a coat of varnish or polyurethane to wicker and woven-wood baskets and line them with plastic before adding the plants to help them survive longer.

Beyond the Pails

Buckets made of plastic, metal, or wood are great for displaying various floral and foliage plants. Individual plants thrive in miniature pails, whereas huge single plants or colourful mixtures thrive in giant buckets.

Case by Case

Give old luggage a new lease on life as an unusual cheap flower pots. Other good possibilities include old (or new) chests, makeup cases, and wicker cases. Place the plants in the container, prop the lid open halfway, and let the stems flow over the edge.

Color Your World

Make beautiful container gardens out of discarded paint cans. Metal paint cans are also available at hardware stores and home centres. Drizzle some craft paint around the top rim and down the sides to fancy them up. To keep the cans from rusting, apply a coat of polyurethane or leave them untreated and appreciate the rusted, rustic aesthetic that develops after a few months.

Dad’s Garden

With various containers representing his favourite things, you may honour the man in your life. For example, if he enjoys cooking, tuck some low-growing plants inside a small hibachi or go large by transforming an old kettle grill into a mobile planter. All entertaining choices are coffee pots and mugs, animal-themed containers, toolboxes, auto accessories, and sports-related things.

For the Birds

Old birdcages, birdhouses, and feeders make whimsical and entertaining containers for exhibiting plants. The concept is completed with abandoned nests, bird figurines, feathers, and other avian decorations.

Hats Off

Make a hanging garden from old hats that are worn or damaged. Baseball caps double as pot covers: Open the back size tabs, slip the opening around the plant’s base, and snap the tabs shut. Cut a hole in the face or top of a straw, felt, or fabric hat and carefully feed the plant stems through the hole.


You don’t have to spend a lot of money on beautiful and functional cheap flower pots for your garden plants and flowers all of the time. There are a plethora of inventive and low-cost DIY ideas for creating stunning décor that is also utilitarian. Many household things can be reused rather than thrown away.

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