Some Information About Bonsai And Caring


The first thing you must know about bonsai and caring is that a bonsai must be grown in a location that is well lit from the sun. This is to prevent any soil infection and to provide the best nutrition for your bonsai.

The only light source that you can have anywhere near your bonsai will be the sun. While the bonsai is growing, it will need to be in a place where the sunlight hits it consistently.

Bonsai And Caring

Some Information About Bonsai And Caring
Some Information About Bonsai And Caring

When bonsai are outside, they need exposure outdoors for most of the day so as to get the full benefit of outside sunlight. However, this doesn’t mean that you have to constantly leave them outside all day.

You can bring them inside for the evening hours if you wish, but you can still be able to keep them out of the direct bright light if you will need to. This will allow your bonsai to grow into a beautiful healthy tree.

If you choose to give your bonsai adequate sunlight on a regular basis you will find that it will grow faster than if you don’t. All bonsai species need about three hours of direct sunlight a day.

Tips For Caring

The high-quality cork bark that most bonsai require will naturally protect them from the harsh effects of the winter sun. It will also protect them from insects and fungus that can be a problem for any bonsai in their early stages.

If you don’t have the finances to install a fixture for a light source that is well insulated, you can get a good lamp with a special battery on the side to be able to place it under a table or to the side of a window. Any kind of lamp will do to provide the bonsai with adequate lighting during the daytime.

Also, there are two different sizes of bonsai pots, that is, you can have a small pot or a medium-sized pot. The reason for this is that the bonsai has different growing periods that require different pots.

If you have a small pot, your bonsai will grow and bloom quickly but the soil won’t dry up as fast. They will quickly outgrow a medium-sized pot though.

A good bonsai pot is one that is easy to clean as well as easy to maintain. Some people like to use a ceramic pot for their bonsai because it makes it easier to keep the soil very clean and also provides a good surface for caring for the bonsai.

Bottom Line

Some Information About Bonsai And Caring
Some Information About Bonsai And Caring

After your bonsai has been grown for a while, you can move it to a taller pot or even just place it on the floor or just at the ground level in a corner of your house. Place it in an area where you are going to be away from other people and pets as well.

You should start keeping your bonsai in a location where it can have access to plenty of sunlight during the day, but not for normal human activities. You should also keep it out of areas where pests or animals may be living as well.

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