Solar Powered Garden Lights

Solar Powered Garden Lights Rose Flowers

Decoration of gardens can be quite a daunting task. It requires a lot of maintenance to be done; otherwise, you should be ready to clean the dead plants every now and then. You should spare a considerable amount of time every day to maintain the garden. Among many things that a gardener should do, the most important tasks include timely watering of plants, plucking the dead leaves of the plants so that it does not affect the complete plant, cleaning the leaves shed by the plants in the garden, cutting and aligning them, etc. Despite all these efforts, we do gardening because it gives a good look for our place. If you are looking for an alternative that will make your garden attractive, then we have these Solar Powered Garden Lights Rose Flowers, that will make your garden look even better!


Solar Powered Garden Lights Rose Flowers


If you want your garden to look beautiful without needing to put in a lot of effort, then these solar powered garden lights rose flowers is the product that you should be looking at. It is because this product has unique decorative lights that will make your garden light up in the dark, that will look pleasing to your eyes. If you are looking at what else can it do to your garden, read on, as we list out all the features for you below. Here we go!


Features Of Solar Powered Garden Lights Rose Flowers

Despite being so cost-effective, these lights are packed with many features. Read on to know more.

  • Solar-Powered Lights: The lights do not need any external source of power for the lights to glow up. The lights are powered by solar, and hence, they are eco-friendly as well. That also means that you will not need to worry about the rising electricity bills because of these lights!
  • Next To Natural: These flowers are artificial, but do not look so, by any angle! They look very much real, and you will not realize that they are made out of ABS material. Also, it will not have any harmful effects on the plants around them.
  • Durable And Waterproof: If you are thinking about the life span of these lights, you will be happy to note that these lights will last for well over 50000 hours. That’s massive by any means, and it is a one-time investment. Apart from that, these lights are waterproof, as well. It means that you will not have to worry about their malfunction in case of rains.
  • Beautify Your Garden: This is the primary purpose of these lights. These lights are in the shape of a rose, and look so good that it will increase the beauty of your garden.



The lights measure 105 x 60 x 800 mm and weigh only around 240 grams. They are made up of ABS + EVA + Stainless steel. It comes with a 300 mAh battery in-built, which takes about 8 hours to charge under direct sunlight fully. Each flower has 3 LEDs inside it and has a rated power of 1.5 W with 1.2 V voltage. It also has a protection level of IP44. Apart from that, its estimated lifespan is well over 50000 hours.

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