Small Garden Ideas For Your New Home

A garden is a place of beauty and tranquility. It has the ability to provide an escape from the hectic pace of life, while simultaneously providing healthy food for your family. The perfect spot for tending to your flowers and vegetables, or just curling up with a good book and enjoying nature’s bounty. What can you do to make your beautiful new yard even more so? Check out these five small garden ideas that will bring joy to your home.

Build raised flower beds:

Raised flowerbeds are attractive in any space because they use less ground space than traditional gardens while still giving you plenty of planting area! You’ll need some lumber (treated pine boards work well), some stakes, screws, nails, landscaping fabric, and some dirt. Simply measure out the area where you want your garden to go, cut your boards accordingly, line the boards together with stakes secured by screws (we’ll meet back here in two weeks), cover the soil with landscaping fabric (to keep weeds away) and then fill with dirt. This is one of the most attractive small garden ideas that require little care because of its smaller size.

Add a patio:

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Every house should have an area for outdoor lounging. A patio is perfect for this purpose because, like raised bed gardens, it takes up less ground space than if you were to lay down flagstones or concrete slabs directly on the grass/gravel/dirt surface. You can buy pre-fabricated patios at any home supply store. Or, if you’re feeling creative, use your creativity to design your own. Just follow the basic rules of patio design: keep it simple and keep it symmetrical. Don’t create any dead-end areas or awkward angles for outdoor furniture.

Use rocks to accentuate your garden:

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A great way to set off the more colorful plants in your garden is with nearby rocks that are large enough for people to sit on or near them. Rocks are very low maintenance compared to many other perennials because they stay in place all year round without being staked down. They also add depth and texture to a garden while providing drainage which cuts down on water usage! If you don’t want to go out and buy rocks, you can go to a quarry or even your local beach! Beaches are often selling off the excess rock that’s been eroded by the sea.

Keep small ornamental trees:

Trees are an attractive addition to any garden but when you’re trying to keep things small, they don’t always do well. That doesn’t mean you have to cut them down completely though! You can still make use of trees in your little yard if you include them as part of your design rather than using them for shade or fruit production. The key is keeping ones that take up less space. Dwarf varieties of maple, elm, dogwood, pear and willow all work great for this purpose because they stay relatively small while providing you with all the positive attributes fruit bearing trees provide (shade, privacy, etc.).

Use what you have:

Many people make the mistake of trying to find out how to create their garden without considering what they already have. If you don’t want to cut down any existing trees or shrubs in your yard for whatever reason, don’t worry about it. Garden experts recommend using up to 70% of an area’s allotted space for ground cover plants like ivy or low growing shrubs that will allow smaller ornamentals and perennials room to grow. This is because these ground covers tend not to interfere with garden expansion by overtaking other perennials when they begin encroaching on their growing space due to insufficient planting distance! Not exactly one of the small garden ideas but a great way to increase the size of your current one without dealing with a lot of hassle or expense.


Now that you have some great small garden ideas, go out and put them to use! Even if you don’t have much space available for gardening, you’ll find it easy to make the most of your square footage when you use these simple tips. One more thing: don’t try making too many gardens at once! That’ll only end up confusing you and possibly making things worse. Stick to one at a time – after all, patience is a virtue – and soon enough your garden will be blooming beautifully before your very eyes!

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