Sending Flowers And Plants As A Gift

Sending Flowers And Plants As A Gift

In the winter months, it is a good idea to start thinking about sending flowers to your friends and loved ones. How would you like to incorporate a holiday wreath into your decorating?

While there are many decorative elements available, flowers are still an excellent choice for holiday decorating. There are a variety of decorative ideas that would be suitable for wreaths. Each time you decide to create a holiday wreath, you will find a great selection of wreath decorations.

How To Use Flowers For Wreaths?

Lace: These can be used as theme flowers for holiday wreaths. You can either purchase them or make them by attaching lace to floral ribbons or decorative ribbon. Of course, you can also choose to make a lace flower yourself.

Sending Flowers And Plants As A Gift
Sending Flowers And Plants As A Gift

Plants: These will be perfect for making a wreath out of. You can make a flower garden for your decorations, or a basket filled with small plants. For a more informal look, you can just fill an empty box with lilies, or you can choose one of the many large Victorian type flowers. These will go nicely with the country and farm settings that are appropriate for the holidays.

Place Card Holders: These will be placed on each table and are appropriate for wreaths. You can pick up a set of nice place card holders that are quite inexpensive. Many of these are made from transparent material, so you can place a wreath on top while it dangles from the bottom.

How To Use The Star Shape Flowers

Star Shape: These are elegant enough to be used for place card holders will make beautiful flowers. This is an idea that goes best when the wreath is small. These are inexpensive and look stunning.

Wall Hangings: These are a great way to tell people who you are, without saying anything. They can say something about the season, the theme of the house, or simply show off your decorating sense. You can use these anywhere in the home.

Sending Flowers And Plants As A Gift
Sending Flowers And Plants As A Gift

Flowerpot: This is an ideal place to get some wreath decorations if you are looking for a high volume of flowers. You will find these either wrapped in festive ribbons or filled with herbs, flowers, or vines.

The flowers and plants that you choose to include in your wreath should be of your own choosing. Choose carefully so that your finished wreath will reflect your taste and your personality.

Make A Theme

If you can’t find a theme or image that you think will fit your wreath, you can still add that unique touch that you have been missing. For example, instead of using flowers and plants to decorate your wreath, you can add a piece of art, a crystal vase, or even some scrapbooking to really add some style to your wreath.

Once you choose your flowers and plants, you can then start making your wreath. You can start with a simple border of crisscrossing branches, to create a focal point of the wreath. You can then add a center circle of flowers or place a few plants in a basket and tie them with a ribbon to the wreath.

Bottom Line

While this can be a little more time consuming than simply choosing the flowers and plants, it will create a beautiful centerpiece for your house. After all, what better way to celebrate the holidays than by using your imagination and putting it to use?

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