Selecting the Perfect Purple Wedding Flowers

Purple Wedding Flowers

Purple Wedding Flowers have been featured in many weddings throughout the years. Traditional Red Roses are the most popular choice. The color red represents love and passion. The color violet symbolizes the pure love of God. But do you know why you should use Purple at your wedding?

Purple Flowers – Classic Roses

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These are old school wedding flowers. They are known as the “Queen of Flowers.” There is nothing better than a full color of purple in a traditional rose garden.

Pink Purple

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Pink roses are perfect for an autumn wedding. The color of this flower is a dramatic accent for a summer flower garden. They bring romance and warm nature to the garden.

Black Purple

A black and purple combination is the perfect match for an elegant fall wedding. Black and white tea stain on a deep purple will be gorgeous for an autumn wedding. The color can be incorporated into a garden for a fall wedding if you are the type who wants the color but does not want it dominating.

Light Purple

If you are the type who likes the color but does not want it overwhelming your wedding, you may want to consider a light purple. It gives off an aura of love and comfort and is a great choice for any spring wedding. If you do not live in a very warm place, you will want to add more depth to the color to not light.

Pink Purple

Pink and purple bouquets would be perfect for a winter wedding. Light pink with a dark purple is another alternative for an autumn wedding.

Brown Purple

Brown flowers can look beautiful in the springtime; however, they do not pair well with white and gray colors. If you do not want this color for your wedding, try adding in a darker purple.

You can create your unique bouquets by using different combinations of Purple flowers in different shades. This is a wonderful way to show your style without being so pretentious bold. This is also a great way to incorporate color into your wedding.

Brown Purple

Besides adding color to your bouquet, you can add color to the centerpiece or centerpieces of your wedding reception tables. Adding a variety of purple flowers in different shades of brown will help tie together the entire look.

Pink Purple

These are another wonderful choice for a fall wedding. They are known for their ability to mimic many of the colors of the season. For example, a white and purple or gold and white combination are a classic.

Brown Purple

If you do not want your bouquet to have many colors, consider adding purple to it in small amounts.

Dark Purple

If you want to keep the color scheme subtle but still want the beauty of purple, you may want to use some of the darker colors.

Purple And White

This is a combination that brings a hint of both colors to your bouquet. It is perfect for fall.

Black Purple

While these flowers can look beautiful in the spring, they can be very dramatic in the fall. Adding a few black flowers in a row will create a wonderful contrast. The color will also give your bouquet an added dimension and interest.

Orange Purple

This is a color that pops in the summer. Adding some purple flowers with an orange background will bring out the vibrant purple.

Light Purple

These flowers are perfect for a wedding. Since they are the season’s color, they will be at their most vivid during the summer.

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