Perfect Wedding Flower Florist

Selecting A Perfect Wedding Flower Florist

What is a wedding without flowers and what are flowers without a florist? Flowers are the most important aspect of a wedding.  However, the wedding venue doesn’t adorn itself with flowers. It requires special expertise, a skilled florist who is not only creative but experienced in the field. We know hundreds of florists in our city but it takes good networking to find perfect wedding flowers florist. However, various crucial decisions go into the planning of a wedding and one must be prepared before finalizing a florist for the wedding.

Date, Time, Venue

Before beginning to interview the florists and asking them for their ideas or budget quotations, one must finalize the date, Time and venue of the wedding. A vague idea of the wedding date or the venue will make it difficult for the florist to suggest the flowers or the theme as it varies from season to season.

Meeting the florist

Never sign a contract with the first florist you meet. If you have time, try to look around, ask for references and interview a few before confirming one.  He should understand your expectations and should fulfill it accordingly. Ask for pictures of his previous. Also, ask him the number off weddings he has done before. Your florist should be aware of the venue, should know the parts that need to be decorated and the elements from the venue that he can incorporate in his décor.

Select your dream decor

Brief your florist about the numerous functions that are decided for the wedding.  Ask him to come up with separate ideas for each. Select the idea that appeals the most to you. Pick the flowers that are closest to your heart. With globalization, mostly all kinds of flowers are available around the year; select the flowers that will go best with your theme. A creatively color synchronized wedding is an ideal setup as it resonates the most with the guests.

Precise budgeting

In order to close the deal, your florist may mesmerize you with spectacular designs and flowers but one must know his/her budget and make the same clear to him. He can go extravagant if not given the budget. Keep transparency and maintain a budget for your florist. Receptions last a few hours but memories last forever, therefore, rationalize your expenditure and try to bring a balance.  Deduct the extras that you might find unnecessary spending money on.

Book the florist in advance

Once you like the offer put on the table by your florist book him at the earliest possible. Wedding requires taking numerous decisions and confirming them at the earliest is the most preferred way of making your wedding a dream.


A wedding flower florist can make or break your dream wedding. He should have everything you need. He should be creative, experienced and prompt. Right from the centerpiece to bouquets to venue decor, everything should match your taste and budget. Therefore, select wisely and make your florist give you your dream wedding.

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