Rose Flowers Meaning

Sending roses as a gift is a perfect way to express your feelings. Every color signifies a different meaning. Whether you want to express your love or gratitude, you will always find an ideal rose flower for every occasion.

The following are different rose flower colors with their meaning.

Red Roses

Red is the most common color in roses. It’s a perfect choice to gift loved ones. It means Love.

White Roses

It’s always a good idea to save white roses for a somber moment. The roses are generally associated with spirituality and marriage. A white rose symbolizes a heart filled with perfect love.

Yellow Roses

Roses are associated with love. However, it’s cruel to gift someone yellow roses. They mean infidelity and jealousy. Due to the vibrant yellow color, are used to decorate events to cheer people.  

Pink Roses

Rose Flower Colors And Their Meanings
Rose Flower Colors And Their Meanings


Pink roses come in various shades. All shades symbolize elegance and grace. They are perfect for gifting someone you are deeply connected to.

A light pink rose signifies grace. A more intense pink color signifies appreciation and gratitude.

Blue Roses

The blue roses symbolize intrigue and mystery. They are a perfect gift for a secret admirer.

Peach Roses

Peach roses aren’t common. The rose signifies gratitude, modesty, and sincerity. Instead of a thank you note, send these flowers to tell them how you feel.

Orange Roses

Orange color brings a curious and energetic feeling. It reminds us of a fiery blaze. The orange roses signify passion and enthusiasm.

Orange roses can be used to express enthusiasm, pride, fascination, and intense desire.

Salmon Roses

Salmon roses are darker than peach and pinker than orange color. The salmon color signifies excitement and desire. The color makes the roses perfect for a younger relationship.

Cream Roses

Don’t be fooled to think that cream roses have same meaning white roses. Cream roses signifies thoughtfulness and charm. It’s a perfect gift to give to someone when you want them to know you are thinking about them.

Purple Roses

Purple roses are unique. They represent enchantment and pride. The roses are associated with royalty.

Burgundy Roses

Burgundy rose represents unconscious beauty. The rose might not be classic as a red rose, but it’s appropriate for gifting a woman you are in love with.

Green Roses

Green roses have stem and petals with a green shade. The rose signifies constant rejuvenation.

Green is the color of fertility, opulence, and harmony. The color is also a symbol of tranquility and peace. The rose is perfect for gifting someone in the new year or birthday celebration.

Lavender Roses

A lavender rose signifies enchantment. It’s an expression of love at first sight. Dark lavender roses mean splendor and majesty.  The flower can be used to express adoration and fascination.

Black Roses

Rose Flower Colors And Their Meanings
Rose Flower Colors And Their Meanings


Like the blue rose, the black rose is elusive. It is the color of farewell and death. What is known as black roses are dark red roses. When sending as a gift, black rose sends a message of the death of an idea or a feeling. When someone wants to end a relationship, they simply send a black rose.

Parting Short

Before sending any rose flower as a gift ensure you understand what it signifies. I am sure you don’t want to end your relationship by mistakenly sending a black rose.

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