Making Rose Last Longer

Rose flowers are common gifts for any special occasion. A bouquet of bright roses will give your offices or home a lasting impression. Unfortunately, roses don’t last forever. On the bright side, you can apply different techniques to add several days of freshness to your flowers.

The following are proven tips for maintaining rose flower freshness.

Cut The Rose Flower Stem At An Angle

The first step after receiving or buying roses is to cut the stem at an angle. Trim between one and three inches of the stem.

Trimming the stem at an angle gives the flowers a better water intake. After a few days, re-trim the flowers to remove the decaying base.

Water Appropriately

Cut flowers need to be well hydrated. However, water the roses carefully.

To water rose flowers, pick a clean vase, fill in fresh water and add flower food. Ensure the flower food is well mixed. It should not be too concentrated or diluted.

Always remember to clean the vase and change the water after three days.

Mix Aspirin With The Water In Flower Vase

The role of aspirin in the water is to lower the pH level. Low pH solution is absorbed in the flower stem faster.

Mix only one crushed aspirin.

Prune All Leaves Below Water Level

Leaves below the water level decay. Decaying leaves creates an environment for bacteria growth. Therefore, remove all the dead petals and leaves daily.

Proven Tips To Make Rose Flowers Last Longer
Proven Tips To Make Rose Flowers Last Longer


Add Two Tablespoon Of Sugar And Vinegar

Before putting the flower into the vase, add two spoons of sugar and apple cider vinegar. Sugar will be additional flower food while the vinegar acts as an antibacterial agent.

To add more food to the flower vase, add ¼ cup of clear soda. Sprite soda is perfect for adding more sugar into the solution.

Add Drops Of Clear Spirit

Vodka is the most effective spirit for adding to the flower vase. Spirit inhibits production of ethylene. Ethylene is a ripening gas that speeds wilting of rose flowers.

Ensure you do not add excess Vodka. Excess spirit will ferment the solution in the flower vase.

Drop Copper Coins In The Solution

Copper metal acts as an acidifier. Acidity help in fighting the growth of bacteria.

Rose flowers bloom quickly when any bacteria do not attack them.

Keep Away From Direct Sunlight

Proven Tips To Make Rose Flowers Last Longer
Proven Tips To Make Rose Flowers Last Longer


Rose flowers thrive well in cold temperatures. Avoid displaying the flowers near heating appliances or in direct sunlight.

Open windows, cooling or heating vents, and ceiling fans will cause the flowers to dehydrate quickly. Therefore, keep your flowers from anything that would make them lose their freshness quickly.

Place Your Flowers In Fridge At Night

Rose flowers thrive well in colder temperatures. Low temperatures slow down the aging of the flowers.

At night, put the flowers in the fridge. The flowers will be looking fresh even after ten days.


Use the above tips every time you buy or receive rose flowers. Your friends also need to know these tips. Advise them on different ways which they can preserve their flowers. Remember only to use several tips that can work together. Don’t be tempted to apply all the tips at the same time.  

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