Preserved Wedding Flowers- 5 Amazing Ways To Save Wedding Flowers

preserved wedding flowers

A wedding is one of the most beautiful moments in everyone’s life, which is why we all want to make it memorable. From wedding dress to decoration, we want everything attractive, different, and memorable. But there is one thing that’s very close to the bride’s heart. Yes, you catch it right, none other than a wedding flower bouquet. However, unfortunately the flowers become dull and unfresh after a week of the wedding. Therefore many brides preserved wedding flowers and made them immortal. So, if you are one among them and looking for some easy ways to preserve wedding flowers, keep scrolling. Here you will explore the best and easiest methods to preserve. Let’s take a trip:

Preserved Wedding Flowers With These Easy Ways:

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Press The Flowers:

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When it comes to the simplest method to preserve your flowers, this method first comes to our heads. The reason being, it takes less time and requires a few materials as compared to other ways. To press the flowers, all you need to do is use weight to flatten your flowers and leave it for 1-2 weeks to press the flowers.

Moreover, if you want to frame the flowers, this method is a perfect option for you. But if you don’t want to spoil the shape of flowers, then it is highly recommended to opt for another method.

Hang Flowers To Dry:

One of the effortless and old methods, air drying, is the best way to preserve your wedding flowers. It takes less than a month to dry the flowers and preserve them without disturbing their shape. All you need to do is to knot the flowers in a dry area and hang them for two weeks.

Unfortunately, in this method, flowers can lose their real colors, so it is highly recommended to keep them in a flower pot instead of the frame.

Use Sand To Dry The Flowers:

Want to dry your lovely flowers naturally? If yes!!! Then sand drying can be your go-to option. The reason being this technique does not affect the shape and color of the flowers. It supports the shape of the flowers and keeps them beautiful and alive.

Put Flowers Into Wax:

This method cannot save your flowers much longer, but it can increase their life by about a half year. Moreover, the best thing about this method is that you don’t have to reduce the flowers’ size, and they will not leave their actual shape and color.

Use Epoxy Resin To Preserve Wedding Flowers:

Nothing can be better than epoxy resin to make an eternal art with your wedding flowers. But for this method, you also need to dry the flowers first. Moreover, the best thing about the resin is that you can make anything using it – from a vase to a frame.

Conclusion On Preserved Wedding Flowers:

These are the best and easiest ways to preserve wedding flowers. So, pick one as per your convenience and make your wedding flowers memorable.

Which one method will you try? Do share with us in the chat box below!

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