To Grow Orchid In A Pot

Points To Keep In Mind To Grow Orchid In A Pot

It is a kind of elegant flower that needs some extra care to grow. There are over 700 types, over 25000 species, and over 1, 00,000 hybrids. Among this vast variation, some are commonly seen and used on special occasions. Many people have adopted a hobby of growing orchid in a pot in recent days. Are you also fascinated about these beautiful plants? Are you thinking of beginning a new journey with them? Then this article will probably be going to help you in some or other ways. A little research is required to acquire some knowledge about these delicate plants.

Points To Keep In Mind To Grow Orchid In A Pot
Points To Keep In Mind To Grow Orchid In A Pot

What Are The Significant Factors To Grow Orchid In A Pot?

Determining the type of container is crucial. In the market, you will find a variety of them. Some of these serve the purpose whereas some of them have great looks and they will help you to beautify the area. Remember that all the plant stands are not suitable for every kind of plant. Choose them wisely to let the plants flourish in a healthy environment and live long.

I hope you have already known the fact that they need proper ventilation to breathe. So, I recommend you to avoid plastic containers. Plastic does not support adequate ventilation.

The porous material like clay or burnt clay (terra cotta) is ideal for them to breathe and blossom freely. Besides, this material causes lesser diseases in the roots. Since they do not need much water to survive, this material is perfect for them to develop.

Basket container is another lovely variation. That is why it appeals to many fancy gardeners. Usually, it is available in metallic wire and plastic.

Points To Keep In Mind To Grow Orchid In A Pot
Points To Keep In Mind To Grow Orchid In A Pot

Which Potting Material Should You Use For The Orchid In A Pot?

The potting material is another vital feature. Different plants need different materials. Moss, fir bark, coconut husk or a mixture of these is generally used. It offers ample ventilation to the plants.

What About The Water Requirement?

You might have noticed that the roots of the naturally grown rain forest orchids go up the water level. It shows that the submerged root for a more extended period is not natural. Determine the water level of the plant stands accordingly.

The clay or terra cotta container is porous. Hence they are incapable of holding water. So, you need to water them frequently compared to that of a plastic one.


Don’t get a container that is too big for them as they like to be packed quite tightly. Estimate future growth and choose the size that can accommodate it.

Select an airy potting material for it to provide enough ventilation. At the same time, remember that too much water might be harmful to them.

Moth orchid is commonly found as household plants. It is because it is easy to grow. If you too are fond of this plant and desirous of growing some in your balcony garden, you can begin with it.

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