Pink Flowers: What They Mean

Since ancient times, pink flowers have been used on different occasions to signify beauty and love. The pink color is used to deliver different messages in the unspoken language of flowers. This article discusses different pink flowers and their meaning on different occasions.

Pink Rose

Archeological reports indicate that pink Roses were seen in China’s Imperial Gardens 5,000 years ago. During the Victorian era, pink roses were crafted on the greeting cards.

Today Pink flowers are used on different occasions; from weddings to celebration parties. Different shades of pink roses signify different meanings.

–    Light pink rose to symbolize admiration

–    Medium pink rose represents first love and congratulation.

–    Dark Pink Rose means gratitude.


There are many colors of Tulips. Pink Tulips are the perfect flower for celebrating platonic love. The following are the occasions and meaning of using Tulip flowers.

Congratulation Gifts- Happiness galore, good wishes, prosperity, and confidence.

When celebrating friendship – Luck, and Platonic love.


Azalea is a garden shade-tolerant plant. It does well when planted under a tree. The plant blooms with pink flowers lasting for several weeks. Azaleas are beautiful and highly poisonous.

In the Chinese community, it’s called “thinking of home bush.” Azalea is a national symbol of Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Occasions Of Use And Meaning

Given as a gift to symbolize threat.


Most Carnation flowers are pink in color. The color ranges from shocking pink to baby pink. According to ancient Christian beliefs, Mother Mary tears watered the ground when she saw his son crucified. Carnations sprung from the ground that was watered by the tears.

Occasions of Use and Meaning

Used in Greek and Roman theme decorations. The flower is used to symbolize ancient royalty.


Dahlias is a unique and beautiful gift flower with layers of petal arrangement. It’s a perfect gift for people you have feelings for or treasure.

Occasions Of Use And Meaning

Pink Dahlias is given as a gift on any occasion. It symbolizes the following meanings.

–    Grace

–    Kindness

–    Commitment

–    Awareness of challenge ahead

–    Positivity

–    Support for one another.


Hibiscus is a garden flower planted to attract hummingbirds.

The pink color is usually associated with women. However, the Chinese culture associates pink Hibiscus with fame and not with any specific gender.

In tropical land paintings, women are crafted wearing a pink hibiscus flower on their hair.

Occasions Of Use And Meaning

Pink Hibiscus as an ornamental value by women on different occasions. The flower symbolizes the following meanings.

–    Pure and Innocent love

–    Delicate Beauty


Peonies are popular garden flowers for decorating homes. It is a perfect choice due to its double-bloomed, sweet scent and large flowers.

Occasions Of Use And Meaning

Peonies, Peony, Flowers, Pink, Spring, Summer, Blooms


Peony symbolized purity and sacredness. In China, it is used to represent beauty. In western culture, it is associated with evil fairies and bashfulness. Other meaning includes;

–    Honor,

–    Beauty,

–    Prosperity, and

–    Eternity.

From roses, tulips, to peonies, pink flowers her a symbol of beauty. The flowers can decorate your home and also be a perfect gift to your loved ones. However, when it comes to gifts, you need to be careful with the choice of the pink flower. I am sure you wouldn’t wish to send a threatening message to your loved one by gifting them Azalea.

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