Perfect for Creating a Harmonious and Romantic Atmosphere, and Relaxing Ambiance for Your Home!

To the decoration work, the first in all comes are the glowy lights. The led-based lights are used for bringing life to occasions and places like gardens, balconies, and rooms. To bring up the lights with glow and beautiful show-up. From the most beautiful solar charge, based lights are the best option for the most beautiful decorations in the area you want.

The led based lights are good and safe for use in every big and small place. The lights can be stored in small glass bottles as they have charged based. The led lights are made up of waterproof quality. The great emit glowy lights bring a beautiful glow to the area they are decorated. The lights are super handy and can be used for decoration on walls and with glass bottles.

Waterproof Outside Fairy Lights For Balcony, Garden

The led lights are what you need for the perfect beautiful sight for the balcony, garden, and hanging areas. The lights are light weighted and can be decorated with the shape desired. The lights are made with high-quality copper, wire, and plastic. The fairy lights are beautifully made and with the quality of waterproof light, which makes them weather friendly and can be made to work in balconies and gardens. The lights are also USB powered which means they can be charged with solar panels. The fairy lights are beautifully arranged and emit beautiful glowy lights on hangings and decoratives.

Here is all about buying Waterproof Outside Fairy Lights For Balcony, Garden.


  • Is Bulbs Included No
  • Finish Polished Chrome
  • Model Number Solar Garland string
  • Features Copper wire
  • Certification ROHS
  • Protection Level IP65
  • Voltage 5.5V
  • Item Type Wall Lamps
  • Warranty 1 year
  • Body Material Copper
  • Power Source Solar
  • Style Tiffany
  • Light Source LED Bulbs
  • Usage HOLIDAY
  • Base Type FESTOON
  • Is Dimmable Yes
  • Diffuser Aluminum Alloy
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  • The fairy lights emit glowy lights.
  • The fairy lights get charged with solar power and a USB charger-based.
  • The fairy lights are waterproof.
  • The fairy lights have a beautiful glow.
  • The fairy lights are hanging friendly.


  • The fairy lights are so beautiful that there are no cons to the product. But the charging of lights is important to keep the solar power charged so lights emit the glow as they are meant to. 
  • The fairy light is waterproof so any kind of weather cannot damage the lights. 
  • The fairy lights are made of hanging stuff so they can be hung on walls easily. The fairy lights are also economically friendly and are made with high-quality copper and wire to keep them long-lasting.


The fairy lights are made to glow the area with emitting lights. The balconies and garden can be made lively. The fairy lights can be used in making the occasions and festivals full of lights. The lights are also made to bring up the beautiful things more elegantly. The glass bottle can also be made as an article of decoration by storing them in a glass bottle and with other areas.

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