Methods To Take Care Of Your White Wedding Flowers

White Wedding Flowers

When it’s your wedding day, the first thing that runs into your mind is that everything should be perfect. Starting from the decorations to the gown, there should be no teams of a complaint. Often, there is a most common point of disappointment for the brides because the wedding flowers do not last throughout the day. The white wedding flowers look amazing, but they are also fragile. Since they cannot tolerate all the heat and light, it is not much more appealing by the end of the day. But there are several methods in which you can take care of your white wedding flowers so that they look like they have just bloomed. Remember that flowers are natural things that you need to take care of, and they will not be able to regenerate themselves.

Hydration Is Necessary- White Wedding Flowers

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Right after the delivery of the flowers, keep them as hydrated as you can. Most of the florists will give you an aftercare package so that you can replenish the moisture content in them. Check out the flower varieties, which will be less potential to wilt faster. Please keep them in water, and get them delivered when they are only half blooming. By the end of the day, the flowers will be at full bloom and will look fantastic.

Consider The Temperature- White Wedding Flowers.

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If you are having your wedding in cold temperatures, ensure that the flower exposure is not below the freezing point. Keep the flowers in plastic covering till you need them for decoration. Even if you keep them in air conditioners for a long time, the wilting process will be faster. The temperature should be in perfect balance so that the white flowers do not turn brown.

Travel Safe

Make room for the flowers in the car while you are traveling and let them breathe. If a car is full of people, the flowers might get scrunched, and the final look will be disappointing. Do not keep them in the trunk because they will bounce around when the car is driving through a rugged road. Instead, keep them gently on the back seat so that they do not fall off.

Minimizing The Timeline

Do not get your wedding flower delivery way too early. If you are reading start at 11:00 a.m., there is no reason why you would want to the flowers at 7 a.m. Try to keep the timeline perfect so that the flowers can stay fresh for a longer time. You can also opt for the florist who will give you same-day delivery, and after the delivery, you can keep them in a cool place.

Keep the white wedding flowers out of harm.

There can be a lot of guests who are bringing along pets and kids. Both of them are of the curious kind, so they can harm the flowers. Try to keep the flowers in a secluded place where no one will notice it.


The aftercare method of white wedding flowers is easy only if you are a bit careful. Just implement the methods as mentioned above, and the flowers will remain fresh until dinner time.

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