Mesmerizing Garden Art Ideas

garden art ideas

Garden art is the style of planting your flowers, herbs, vegetables, fruits and trees in such a way that your garden appears artistic and attractive. To enhance the view further, pebbled or cobblestone pathways can be created. If you have a huge space, you can consider building a gazebo. You can also install a hammock or some swings.

Plant Rose Bushes

A vase filled with pink flowers on a table

It is a great idea to dot your front garden with pretty, fragrant and colorful rose bushes. These are easy to cultivate, grow and quickly tend to add an ornate look to the front portion of your house.

Build a stone Pathway

A close up of a flower

A stone pathway has a nostalgic and almost storybook-kind of appeal. Building a stone pathway in front of your home and planting some pretty bushes and flowers side by side will give your garden a beautiful appeal. It makes a great addition to any home and is also quite easy to create.

Display Huge Planters

You get special outdoor planters of various types, colors, textures and prints. You can place these on the front of your home and give a lovely look to your house. These huge planters can have all sorts of outdoor plants. You can also get an array of cute, quirky and unique shaped planters like that of animal faces and more on your front porch. These can be planted with pretty, tiny outdoor plants to give a summery look to  your house.

Hang a Green Garland

If you have a porch or a verandah in the entrance of your house, you can hang a lovely green creeper or a greenery garland to give your home some color and freshness. Hanging a green garland over the entrance door will make your home look surreal, maintained and fresh.

Grow Hydrangea Bushes

If you have a huge area in your front lawn, you can grow hydrangea bushes. Nothing decks up and spruces up a home front like hydrangea bushes with their huge white colored flowers.

Grow a Flower Bed

You can even consider growing a flower bed in your front lawn at the sides or neatly outlining the garden. These will add decoration, color and beauty to your garden.

Cover your Garden Hose and AC Units

Be creative and cover your lying garden hose and AC unit beautifully. You can consider building a wooden casket over these to house these lying outside into the open. An AC unit is an inevitable part of our homes that often looks ugly when showcased right at the entrance. You can skillfully cover it with a wooden casket over it and growing some plants over it.

Add Lights

If  you entertain a lot and do not want to spend a lot on changing the look of  your front garden, you can just add some pretty string lights on your trees. These will illuminate the space beautifully and add a new charm to your front lawn.

These are some mesmerizing garden art ideas.

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