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Recently many articles, conversations, interviews from urgent research centers are published. It is becoming and giving a new shape to the traditional medicines, medicinal, and aromatic medicines a new way and enlightening the researchers all over.

Aromatic plants are nowadays occupying a colossal place in the modern market. These therapeutic plants are helpful to reduce pain, depression, fatigues, and are hugely commercially used in countries like India, Africa Srilanka. According to the journals published from Medicinal&Aromatic Plants, these plants play a crucial remedy to many of the diseases. Some Citronella Plants are here for you.


Cintronella Plants Origin

Citronella Plants have their origin in native and tropical regions in places of Asia. Citronella plants are biologically termed as Cymbopogon. We can see plants growing commercially in places like Indonesian, Java, Burma, India, and Srilanka. These plants are mistaken with lemongrasses, but both are different and separate from each other. Citronella plants are not much tall, its height varies from five to six feet and around is three to 4 feet in width.

Uses Of Citronella Plants

These are aromatic plants, and people plant these plants mainly as a mosquito repellent. It has widespread use in the commercial market, like making of soap, essential oil, perfumed candles, and many more. Apart from these it also used to destroy lice, intestinal worms. We use these plants often to treat the pain of migraines, reduces stress, and controls depression. The citronella plant, as well as its oil, is essential to our skin also.

Though we don’t use the plant directly, we extract the oil from the leaves. IOWA university also suggested this oil, but before that, one must undergo an allergy test. National Institute of Health head lice prescribes this oil for the treatment.

The essential use of this oil is, according to the Cornell Chronical if we use it around the collar a barking dog, it reduces the barking noise. Along with this, the aromatic smell reduced the odor of the skin or the fur of a dog.
We plant a citronella plant amidst of other plants, its lemony scent distracts the whiteflies and other pests harmful for plants.

Along with the reduction of the migraine pain, it is primarily working as a toner for oily skin, reduces fatigues, nausea, palpitations stomachs aches. The oil mainly stimulates the blood circulation.it is very useful to remove toxins like uric acids, excess bile, the pain of arthritis

Growing Environment And Cintronella Plants

Citronella plants are both indoor and outdoor plants. Though they can resist direct scorching heat of the sun, a filtered one. Loamy, moist soil suits the growth of the plants. It requires heavy soil with a ph value of 6.5. These plants mainly require an ample amount of water to grow.


Citronella has many names Nard grass is one them.

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