How to Source Cheap Flowers for Wedding

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Flowers are very costly and a wedding décor seems incomplete without them. So, to save you from making a hole in your pocket buying costly flowers, here are some cool tips on how to source cheap flower for wedding décor.

1. Visit the Floral Section at Your Grocery Store

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Many grocery stores – including Whole Foods, Vons, Safeway, and Publix – have a floral department. And in many cases, employees are accustomed to putting centerpieces together – some of them have even been professional florists at some point. Contact a few stores, and you may discover that they can provide the same centerpieces and bouquets as the average wedding florist, and at a much lower price point.

Stores may also offer full floral packages that include boutonnieres, corsages, and ceremony flowers. As an added bonus, you can have your cake prepared by the grocery store bakery and consolidate vendors. However, some grocery stores won’t deliver your flowers – or they may charge a high premium to do so – so be prepared to have someone pick them up the day of the wedding.

2. Buy Wholesale

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Avoid a florist’s markup by ordering flowers wholesale and arranging them yourself. If you live in a big city, check out a local flower market to get fresh buds at low prices. 

It is important to realize that arranging your own flowers requires research, practice, and tools. You need to invest in floral shears, floral tape, decorative wrap, and pins for the bouquets. For the centerpieces, you need a vessel for the flowers and floral foam to keep them moist and help them retain their shape. Unless you’ve arranged flowers in the past or have a fantastic eye for design, you may want to find an online flower arranging tutorial.

3. Order Online

Preparing your own flowers is a lot of work. As an alternative, order prepared bouquets and centerpieces from a big box store. This costs more than purchasing flowers wholesale, but doesn’t require you to spend hours learning and practicing the art of arranging. Costco sells more than 40 wedding flower packages online in different color schemes at different price points. also has a wedding collection you can choose arrangements from.

One of the perks of using a prepackaged online service is that you know exactly what your flower bouquets and arrangements are going to look like. This makes it much easier to coordinate colors for the bridal party and plan your table decorations. On the flip side, this does not give you the ability to customize your arrangements, so you may not be able to get the exact look you want. As with wholesale flowers, keep these arrangements in water and in a cool, protected environment as soon as you receive them.

4. Ask a Friend to Help Arrange

If you don’t want the commitment of arranging flowers yourself, find a friend or family member to help. You’re not the first person to DIY your flowers, so there may be one or two folks in your social circle who have done it before.

Remember to be sensitive to the time and cost required to arrange centerpieces and bouquets. At a very minimum, offer to pay for all the flowers and supplies. In addition, try to find some way to compensate your friend or express your gratitude – a gift certificate and a thank you card are always a thoughtful gesture. If the friend is getting married in the future, you can offer to take on the wedding planning or flower arranging duties in return.

These are some amazing options to get cheap flowers for wedding.

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