How to Make a Flower Arrangement Like a Pro

Deciding flower arrangement design:


This article will guide you on how to make a flower arrangement like a pro. This is a complete guide to make a beautiful arrangement with different flowers. 


Flower making is an art. It is not just arranging flowers a lot of process and techniques is involved. When it is not difficult to learn flower arrangements, but it should like professional. It is very easy to so if you learn it properly. If you are making a centerpiece for your table then the flower centerpiece is the best, you can display. 


Deciding Flower Arrangement Design:

The first step is deciding the color theme you want to go for while arranging the flowers. The flower theme should match your ambiance. Keep in mind while shopping for the color you want. Choose beautiful and fresh flowers of that color. You can go for monochromatic schemes to display various tints and shades of the same color. To balance it, you can go for complementary colors. It is important to be methodical while picking the colors. Different colors, shapes, patterns should come together and look unique. 

How to Make a Flower Arrangement Like a Pro
How to Make a Flower Arrangement Like a Pro


Cutting and preparing the flower:

It is necessary to clean the flowers before arranging them. Remove the petals that may damage other flowers. Sprinkle fresh water and make a cut to the bottom of the stem. 


Preparing the flower base:

This is the most important part of flower arrangement as the vessel attracts a lot of attention. The vase needs to be strong in order to support all the flowers. If it is weak then it will not be able to hold the flowers properly. To be more organized you can buy floral frogs, on which stems can be stuck. 


Creating the base:

The base should be green to balance the effect. Some leaves like eucalyptus, ivy and fern fonds can be used as the base. Recut the stems before inserting them in the floral frog. This will help the vessel to have both vertical and horizontal presence. 


Add Focal Flowers:

These are the flowers at the center. These are flowers with unique colors or texture. It is also necessary to add natural color flowers around the center flower. The center flower should depict the main theme of the arrangement. Keep in mind not to balance it as the focal flower shouldn’t be sticking straight out of the vessel. 

How to Make a Flower Arrangement Like a Pro
How to Make a Flower Arrangement Like a Pro

Add filler flowers:

Now start adding filler flowers around the focal flower. Place the flower in such a manner that it is forming a proper dome shape. The whole dome should be complete in order to make the flower arrangement complete. One can also create clusters by combining flowers of various sizes and shapes. Keep in mind to not cluster is too much as it will not balance the whole arrangement. 


Finish the arrangement:

Lastly, add baby blooms like baby’s breath, sedum or yarrow. Arrange these flowers at last keeping in mind other flowers in the vessel to avoid hampering or squishing seeing their size and delicateness. 

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