How To Grow Your Flowering Plants Without Sunlight

The growth of flowering plants or other plants depends on many factors. But there is an ideal indoor plant called Pleomele reflexa. This plant can grow well without the requirement of much sunlight. Although, when grown under full or partial sunlight, the leaves will look more attractive with their golden yellow-green foliage. The plant requires daylight & will not grow properly in absolute dark, indoor location with artificial lights. So keep this plant at a brighter indoor place near the window. The plant will grow vertically like a leafy bamboo & the artificially coiled alignment of basal stems will not continue furthermore. You can water this plant once a week. You will have to re-pot this plant in a bigger pot every year as it grows taller.

How To Grow Your Flowering Plants Without Sunlight
How To Grow Your Flowering Plants Without Sunlight

Factors Responsible For Proper Plants Growth

1. Moderate watering or humid environment (drainage useful to avoid plant death).

2. Radiation – sunlight from father sun is the best, but even LEDs and reptile light bulbs imitate the sunlight spectrum to a certain extent (12–18h a day).

3. Nutritions – Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Kalium (Iron, Mangan, Copper) should be available in the substrate. You can add good compost or organic fertilizer if your soil is poor. Every couple of years, you could transplant your plant into a bigger yourself can witness the plant growth.

4. Love – not yet scientifically proven, but very obvious for smart people with a green thumb.

One can check permaculture for holistic knowledge about plants or ask your local transition town movement.

How To Grow Your Flowering Plants Without Sunlight
How To Grow Your Flowering Plants Without Sunlight

Growth Without Sunlight

The short answer to that, assuming you do not include fungi and other non-photosynthesizing plants in your definition, is no. Any plant with leaves, which are the organ by which it (in simplistic terms) photosynthesizes food from the CO2 in the atmosphere, a process requiring a lot of light, cannot survive in the dark. There are plans which will tolerate low levels of view, these mostly being plants that evolved on the forest floor where light levels are naturally lower. These can acquire at your local garden center by merely asking for such things. They’ll be among those house plants that thrive indoors where light levels (restricted to that coming to the window) are similar to those on the forest floor.

As we know, every human being needs to take food, water, as well as the vitamin(A, B, C, D), etc., for body healthy growth and nurture growth. They are all compulsory factors for human growth. Likewise, plant’s growth need also carbon-dioxide, water, fertilizer, and sufficient light to help them do photosynthesis. The sugar can be generated and conveyed to every vital part of the plant organ to consolidate its root, stem, and leafy in vigorous growth. They will realize happy growth and will produce flowers or fruits, it will be good news for those growers or farmers.

While if a plant grows without sunlight, it may grow weak and lack vitality. It can fall behind that growth with scientific light recipes.