How To Grow Flower Garden

Planting a garden is one of the most rewarding things to do to your home. Gardens give homes natural and beautiful look. A well-planted garden will also improve your natural home fragrance.

So, you have always wanted to grow an amazing garden, but you don’t know how to do it. This guide will give you a systematic procedure for developing a beautiful garden.

Step 1: Plan Your Garden

When it comes to growing a garden, planning is key. Planning involves understanding your site, soil, the flower you need to grow and know your frost cycle.

Know Your site

The first step in planning your garden is to familiarize yourself with where you want to plant your garden. Understand the mother nature. The following are the top things that you need to know about your site.

–    Topography

–    Light

–    Temperatures

–    Moisture conditions

–    Seasons

Understand Your Soil And Season Cycle

A soil test is the most successful tip to understanding your soil. Dig a one-foot deep hole and gather several teaspoons of soil. Repeat the procedure all over your garden. After collecting soil samples send them to a testing lab near you. Use the results to amend the soil before planting anything.

Understand the season cycle around your home. This understanding will help you know flowers to plant at a particular season.

Research On Flowers That Will Grow Well In Your Soil

Once you know different flowers that can grow in your garden, it will be easy to plan your garden.

Step 2: Develop Your Garden Color Palette

How To Grow An Amazing Flower Garden
How To Grow An Amazing Flower Garden


You need to have a perfect picture of the garden before planting. The following are top things to consider that will help you create your color palette.


Pick colors that will help you unify your landscape. Chose different tones and variation to bring a strong color impact to your backyard.


Create a juxtaposition. Have a combination of colors that will bring a summery, lively, and fresh look to your garden. Be creative and combine colors that complement each other.


A times people are tempted to plant everything in the garden. It’s important to understand that too much variety will feel tiring. Restrain yourself from planting everything.

Avoid having many colors. Many colors will be screaming at your garden.

Step 3: Grow Your Garden With A Perfect Design

How To Grow An Amazing Flower Garden
How To Grow An Amazing Flower Garden


After understanding your site and choosing colors, the next thing is to design your garden. The following are the top ideas for developing your garden.

Start With Shape

The shape of your garden is the perfect place to start designing your plant. The following are top shapes for perennial gardens.

–    Buttons

–    Globes

–    Spires

–    Plumes

–    Daisies

–    Screens

–    Umbels

Try combining different designs. The different styles will bring a dynamic and vibrant look to your garden.


Repetition of different colors and shapes will bring a visual and calm unity of plants in your garden. Strategically repeat flowers and shapes in your garden. However, over repetition will make your garden look untidy.


Try to subtly pull one layer over another to create a simple and natural look. Ensure your layers makes all flowers visible from a distant. Don’t block some flowers with your layering design.


The fragrance is what many people enjoy most in a garden. Choose a scent that will suit your home setting.


Before settling on any flower or design, you need to put into consideration several factors. The most important factor is the available space. Adopt a model that will grow perfectly in the available space.

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