How To Care Your Orchids

Orchids are common houseplants. They are among the easiest plants to learn and grow. Provided they have a favorable growing condition; Orchids blooms for months. However, if the orchids are not well taken care of, they can be disappointing.

Keep your orchids blooming throughout the year with these tips and tricks.

Tricks To Keep Orchid Thriving

Appropriate Watering

Orchids are not friendly to standing water. For maximum results, you should only water your Orchids once a week. Before watering again, wait until the moss or bark is completely dry.

Water well and drain excess water completely.


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How To Care For Orchids: Tips And Tricks


Orchids do well in well-lit areas. However, the plant should never be kept in direct sun, or draft spots. If an orchid doesn’t get enough light, it won’t bloom.

Apply Fertilizer Appropriately

Orchids are good with high-nitrogen fertilizers. Feed the plant once a month. Before applying fertilizer water first. It’s essential to ensure that you buy the liquid orchid fertilizer. Follow the instructions on the label when using the fertilizer.

Orchids require more fertilizer when budding as compared to when they are not growing.

Normal fertilizers have excess nutrients for orchids. Therefore, it’s advisable to use orchid customized fertilizer.

Re-pot Regularly

Depending on the health of your orchids, re-pot every two to three years. Re-pot into a one to two wider pot. Repotting ensures that your orchids get more room and space for growth. Always use fresh soil when repotting your plants.

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How To Care For Orchids: Tips And Tricks


Tips For Pruning

Just like any other plant, orchids damage, and withers. Usually, orchids lose leaves and flowers time over time. It doesn’t mean you haven’t taken good care of your flowers.

When your orchid loses all of its flowers, cut the plant’s back. New flowers will regrow from the stem.

If the plant doesn’t regrow and turns brown/ yellow, do the following.

i.    The Quickest Trick: Cut the stem above the third or second dormant bud. Cut about half an inch.

ii.    The Gardener’s Trick: Cut the plant’s stem about half an inch above the first dormant bud. This gives orchids enough time to recover from the withering. The single dormant bud will turn into a flowering shoot.

Tricks To Combat Pests

Paying attention to diseases and pests on any plant is essential. Orchids, in particular, require more attention.

The common pests likely to attack orchids are red spider mites, scale, and woolly lice. The pests are likely to attack more often.

To combat pests in orchids, inspect the plant regularly. When you notice any pest, apply the approved pesticides for orchids.

Orchids are very sensitive. Do not apply general pesticides. Consult your specialist to get the right recommendation for the pests attacking your orchids.

Final Quick Tricks As We Conclude

i.    For the first time grow a mature plant.

ii.    Buy your orchids from a skilled and knowledgeable vendor.

iii.    Always examine signs of diseases, infestation, and weaknesses.

iv.    Plant orchids that match the level of care you can manage.

v.    Select orchid species that would grow in your available space.

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