How Much Is A Crystal Vase?


You will find crystal vase and glassware products in various homes. It is a symbol of good fortune and is holds ancient value. In the early days Chinese people believed in luck and kept crystal vase or another utensil in their houses. Even today, many people think and follow tradition. However, if you find age-old crystal vase in your house, you have to do a lot of research for determining it’s worth. At first, you need to know what is a crystal.

Chinese Vase Home Decoration

It’s not uncommon that people find authentic crystal utensils at home. However, you need to know about the pure crystal. It is easy to determine because all you have to is hold it up towards the Sun or Sun rays. When sunlight passes through a glass, it acts like a prism and creates the seven colors of the rainbow.

You can also try another way to detect whether the vase is build of glass or crystal. You can tap the rim of the vessel with a spoon. If you hear a musical note, then you will know it is a crystal, or else it is glass. Quartz is often thinner than ordinary glass. However, it is heavier than the lens because of the lead content.

Look For The Mark

The best way to know the worth of your crystal vase is to look for the mark of stemware. That way, you can quickly search for the manufacturing company. Sometimes stamps are made to identify the model number of the manufacturing company. If you are lucky enough to find the logo, you can quickly contact them online and check their products. If you can identify the texture, then you can see the price of it online.

Chinese Vase Home Decoration

If you are looking for a home decorating product, the Chinese vase is an ideal option. It is beautiful and better than any other type of ornaments that are available in the market. These vases are usually of ceramic or porcelain material. You can use these to keep flowers or pieces of jewelry. However, earlier Chinese people used to keep fish, spices, or other types of food in vases.

Great For A Living Room

If you are looking for a decoration item for your living room or house, then this Chinese vase is precisely what you are seeking. You can easily place them on your center table or the floor at a corner. Some people have ornaments to add on the vase as it is a simple one. However, since this vase already has textures and designs, you don’t have to add ornaments to decorate it. Moreover, if you have kids at home. It is better to keep them away from the vase.

Vase: Great Idea For Parties

If you are formerly Chinese, you will know the value of crystal vase at home. These are a great piece of decoration among Chinese. Most of them use it in parties to showcase their collections. You can also use this as a gift to your family members and closed ones. If you have a special friend who loves to collect ornaments, then this piece is excellent. Your friends will love this piece of a crystal Jar.

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