House Plants That Are Perfect For A Small Setting

House Plants That Are Perfect For A Small Setting

You can grow almost any flowers, herbs, vegetables or decorative house plants in a container. But, the selection of plants depends on several factors. Think about climate, your container size as well as how much sun ray & shade the plant container will receive.

Dwarf and compact cultivars are ideal if you are gardening in smaller pots. For growing fragrant house plants, such as heliotrope, containers should be placed in a site protected from breezes, else the perfume will disperse.

If you want your house plant to be a décorating item, combine trailing flowers, plants, and other edibles to splash a vibrant and colorful effect. To make your container lasting for many seasons, opt for a less hardy plant than your usual choice. The reason is their roots are majorly exposed to fluctuating air temperature. Nonhardy plants also need some winter protection, so you might need to carry it to a sheltered place during the colder months.

House Plants That Are Perfect For A Small Setting
House Plants That Are Perfect For A Small Setting

Herbs And Vegetables

You can use pots of different sizes to grow vegetables. Your containers can be of any size, from large pots to half barrels or 5-gallon buckets. In larger pots, you can grow only one tomato plant or many smaller vegetables like the broccoli or cabbage. Dwarf plants like pumpkins, tomatoes and winter squash are suitable for gardening in the container.

You can also go a little creative with vegetable gardening and plant theme salad garden with dwarf tomatoes, colorful lettuces, chives, and parsley. Want to get a glam spark, try to build a pizza garden, with peppers, basil, and tomatoes. You can even grow edible flowers such as pansies, marigolds, and nasturtiums in the containers.

 One Season Plants

If you are looking for summer pants especially for decorative purpose, look for warm-weather annuals that bloom all summer or have attractive foliage. Marigolds, Geraniums, Wax begonias, Coleus, Scarlet sage and of course flowering tobaccos are simply ideal for container plantation. However, you can also choose from the seed catalogs in the garden centers. If the container at your access is pretty large, consider planting dwarf cannas and dahlias for a glam look.

House Plants That Are Perfect For A Small Setting
House Plants That Are Perfect For A Small Setting

Perennial House Plants

Once planted, perennial shrubs can last for an extended period of time. Among the most popular perennial shrubs, daylilies and hostas are great for container plantation. You can try ferns, sedges, European wild ginger, lavender, lamiums, sedums, and lungworts for containers. To add some pizzazz in your petite corner garden, plant ornamental grasses or conifers in your container.

Take Care of Your Garden

Your container garden remains beautiful as long as you take good care of it. Unlike a normal garden, container plantation needs a little more maintenance. Since you are creating an environment for the plants to survive in the container, you need to make sure that any temperature or weather fluctuations do not end up harming your plants. For good conservation, you can follow these maintenance tips for your container garden.

Thoroughly water the container plants. But, the frequency of watering depends on factors such as weather, pot size, and plant size. Don’t let the soil in containers dry out completely, as unlike the normal garden, it is hard to revive a completely dried out soil in the containers.

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