House Plants Clean Air

House Plants Clean The Air: Top 10

Plants are essential when it comes to keeping the air clean. Indoor air can have more dust particles than that of the outdoors. This pollution can lead to sickness. Thus, it is imperative to live in a safe and clean environment. According to the researchers, the house plants are incredibly useful in removing dust, pollen, harmful gases like carbon-di-oxide from the indoor.

This article will give a list of 10 plants that are suitable for cleaning the air within the house.

House Plants Clean The Air: Top 10
House Plants Clean The Air: Top 10

English Ivy House Plants

This elegant plant is an excellent choice for any home, for both beautification and removing the toxin from the air. You can grow it both in the shade and sunny areas in various shapes. If you take care of it properly, it will survive for a long time.

Bamboo Palm

The indoor air contains many harmful chemicals like formaldehyde and also benzene. If you want to get rid of those toxins, you should opt for bamboo palm. Another name of this plant is reed palm. It needs partial shade as well as sun. Thus, it serves as one of the most excellent pants for the house.

Chinese Evergreen House Plants

You can grow this plant in an area that gets a low to moderate amount of light. It is easy to maintain and helps in removing the toxins from the air. However, it has an irritant that might be harmful to the pets.

Gerbera Daisy

Besides providing beauty to your abode, these plants are useful for removing benzene from the air. It grows appropriately at 75 degrees Fahrenheit or even higher.

Dragon Tree House Plants

Be it an office or your house, you can keep the dragon tree, even in a low amount of light. The color of its leaves varies from green to purple. It helps in making the indoor gorgeous besides cleaning the air.

Mother-In-Law’s Tongue

If you live in an area where the temperature fluctuates very much and proper light doesn’t come, you can keep this hardy plant. It needs minimal water and can thrive in harsh conditions also. It also helps in purifying the air.

Pot Mum

During the fall, many of the flowering plants lose their beauty, but pot mum does not. It helps in enhancing the beauty and vibrancy of your abode. Moreover, it helps in getting rid of the harmful benzene from the air.

Peace Lily House Plants

It is famous for its power of combating toxic gases like carbon monoxide as well as formaldehyde. It needs low maintenance. Tit droops when it lacks water. Make sure to clean your hands after touching the plant as it might have some toxicity of its own.

House Plants Clean The Air: Top 10
House Plants Clean The Air: Top 10

Spider Plant

Though it needs vivid sunlight, yet that should not be direct. It requires very low maintenance. It is powerful enough to remove benzene as well as formaldehyde from the air within your house.

Corn Plant

The beautiful foliage of this plant varies from green to yellow. Available both in the form of shrubs and trees, it is an excellent addition to the home. It also helps in removing formaldehyde from the indoor air.

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