Garden Ideas For Your Japanese Garden

japanese garden ideas

Your garden is a place of peace and harmony where you can find solace from the chaos around you. Your garden is a special place in your home where you can go to escape the world. You’re looking at one of the best and most inspirational ways to gardening which can completely transform your spiritual and emotional life for the better. Let’s explore some Japanese garden ideas that are guaranteed to improve your garden..

Consider The Weather

A tree in front of a house covered in snow

The first thing you’ll have to keep in mind when coming up with your Japanese garden ideas is the weather. In Japan, rain is rare and summer is hot and humid. In spring and autumn, temperatures soar to boiling point and the humidity is high. Luckily, Japanese gardening is all about being versatile and adapting to any weather conditions you may come across.

When coming up with your Japanese garden ideas you should keep these things in mind: the size of your garden, the quality of soil and water, how much sunlight your garden gets and other factors regarding landscaping. The size of your garden is dependent on your personal preference, but the general rule is that larger gardens are more elaborate and are designed more for beauty than function. On the other hand, smaller gardens are usually simple in design. Landscaping is an important part of Japanese gardens as well and is designed to enhance the appearance of your property. For example, trees are used to provide shade and privacy, while rocks and ponds are places where fish like to hide. There are many other interesting landscaping techniques used in Japanese gardens.

Another one of the many Japanese garden ideas is the use of zen designs in your garden. Zen gardens are simply beautiful, especially if they are in clay. The word “zen” means “to cleanse” in Japanese, so a Zen garden is a place where you can rid yourself of everyday stress and spiritual feelings. There are a number of different types of Zen gardens, including those which are purely a place to sit, like a table garden or a wall fountain. However, some people like to create a mixture of zen and traditional Japanese garden designs so that it adds a natural touch to their outside space.

There are a few other interesting things about Zen gardens. One thing that’s interesting to note about these types of gardens is that, as they are typically designed for relaxation, they often have small elements of architecture incorporated into their design. This can include small statuary or small pagoda style buildings. Small wall paintings or topic are also another common element of these gardens.

Final Words

A building with a pond in a garden

One element that is commonly found in many Japanese gardens is the use of a bamboo fountain. The word “fountain” in Japanese actually means “water fountain.” Bamboo fountains are typically placed in areas where there is good water pressure and in areas that will not get too much pollution. There are actually two different types of bamboo fountains; vertical and horizontal. Both of these types of fountains look very beautiful. Whether you choose to build a small tabletop bamboo fountain or to have a large and more elaborate structure built, you will be able to enjoy the soothing sound of the water as you walk through your Japanese garden.

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