Flowers Ideas For Summer Weddings

Summer Wedding Flowers

What comes to mind when you hear that wedding floors should be used to complement the seasons? It sounds almost weird to try to justify using a flower in a particular season of the year. Why not? What could be the importance or necessity of trying to balance the flowers with the current nature of the weather? Well, it is not bad to use flowers for an occasion, without considering the season during which you use them. And that is the truth. Most people do not feel bothered about choosing specific flowers that can be perfect for winter or summer events.

While most of us feel the same way, unconcerned with fishing out flowers for occasions, the reality is that we are missing out on a whole lot of things. Getting flowers perfect for the season is a great way to streamline your available choice of flowers to use for your occasion. The truth is that flowers and seasons are intimately bound to each other. One fact is that flowers come in seasons, and that make them specific. There are four seasons on earth, namely Summer, Autumn, Winter, and Spring.

Summer Wedding Flowers

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For summer weddings, particular flowers can be used to brighten up the atmosphere. Although some flowers can be found throughout the year, they are not particularly affected as the season changes. If you are planning to host a wedding or interested in choosing the right flowers for your summer weddings, you can check out the list of the following summer wedding flowers. These flowers can be found in any flower store near you.

· Gardenias: They come with a strong, sweet scent and large size. These flowers look stunning for a standalone bouquet and may as well work perfectly as boutonnieres. These flowers are incredibly fragile but bean with southern charm. They come in cream or white colors.

· Orchids: For a modern twist, orchids are best, with a stunning and elegant look. They come in a range of colors. They also have varieties like mini orchids and huge orchids, with every shape you can imagine.

· Iris: They also have many beautiful varieties but usually come in bright purplish hue. Some varieties have little or no scent, and some abound with a fruity essence. The way you set your iris will give it an enchanting look.

· Freesias: They give a wildflower look. They come with sweet scent and fragrant and can be beautifully mixed with greenery or bold white flowers.

· Cornflower: Light blue is the most common color for these flowers, though there can be maroon, white, and shades of pink. They are sweet and earthy wildflowers. They give your wedding a fun and whimsical vibe.

· Roses: Roses are just too classy. They can be dressed up for any kind of wedding since they radiate romance. Roses can be a perfect touch in your bouquet or centerpiece, and there is no shortage of colors you can choose from.

· Other summer wedding flowers you can opt for are Dahlias, Lisianthus, Delphinium, and Carnations.

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