Flowers For Wedding – Different Forms Of Flower Arrangements In Wedding

flowers for wedding

Are you a bride-to-be or looking for the use of flowers at a wedding? Well, the flowers have become an integral part of celebrating weddings. When you are planning for a wedding, the first thing that comes to mind is the flowers. It is one of the first things to consider for brides and wedding planners to pick the best flowers quickly. They make your wedding more attractive and can set the party’s mood and make your event even more memorable. From the bouquet to the boutonniere, the flower arrangements for weddings come in different forms. This article has gathered some beautiful design ideas for flowers for weddings that you can use for the much-expected event.

Bouquet – Flowers For Wedding

Wedding flowers

A bouquet is a small bunch of flowers that the bride holds. Most bouquets have a signature flower according to the likings of the bride, and the flowers may hold a special meaning. Even some cultures do not allow the bride to walk down the aisle without a bouquet in hand. Usually, the bride has two bouquets that she carries out throughout the day and brings home to the store and the other for the traditional tossing of the bouquet.


Wedding flowers

A boutonniere is a miniature flower combination that is worn on the lapel of the groom. The groom’s boutonniere is usually a mini variant of the bride’s predominant flower. It can be a single flower or a cluster of tiny flowers and greeneries bound together with a mesh band. Besides, all the other male members of the family and wedding party wear boutonnieres somewhat offbeat but patterned to the groom.


A corsage is a small posy that can be fastened to the dresses or worn on the wrist. Traditionally it is worn by the female family members of both bride and groom to separate them from other guests. Frequently the flowers used on corsage resemble the clothes of the wearer or the wedding shades.

Flower Girls Basket

The young girls carry a basket of flower petals which they spatter along the way before the bride walks down the corridor. If the bride chooses a DIY flower arrangement, the leaves of cut flowers would often extricate during transport. To avoid wastage, you can use it for the flower basket and keep them in the refrigerator to keep them fresh.

Entry Table

Flower decorations on the ceremony and party venues set the event’s mood and let the guest feel that they are in a particular place, celebrating an extraordinary occasion. The entry table is where the guests line up to monitor the guest book or table assignment cards. Besides, smaller arrangements are fixed on the counter table to avoid confusion and make room for the food.

Summing Up

Furthermore, the flower combinations at the reception venue significantly impact the guests as they spend plenty of time here after the ceremony. Also, several tables are set up on-site, so most of the flowers for weddings installed are big and showy.

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