Flower Shop – 6 Things To Do Before You Open One


Opening your flower shop is a rewarding and rich experience, especially if you like flowers and plants around you all the time. You will enjoy the space, help spread joy and happiness to your customers, and earn a living. However, before you open up on your own, you should follow these tips to make sure you get your grand opening right.

Volunteer To Work In A Flower Shop

Even if you have arranged flowers in the past, it is a really good idea to see how others do it. This will give you a larger horizon of ideas when you decide to open one on your own. It will also give you a behind the scenes view of how it operates. Look for a shop that is far away from where you plan to open so that you are not a threat to the existing one. There are just too many people who dream of starting their flower shop. Without the right and prior experience, it is not as much fun as you think it might be.

Build A Network

Go to an industry-related conference to know and learn about the latest trends and happenings in the industry. It will also give you an idea of other people who want to do something similar or the same as you. It is a great opportunity to learn from their success and failures and get advice on some tricky issues. You will save yourself, time, money, and energy not to repeat the same mistake that someone else already has.

Write Down Your Plan To The Last Detail

Write a business plan, no matter how informal, and get your ideas out of your head and on a piece of paper. It is easier to see the flaws of your ideas on paper than in your head. Share the plan with friends and mentors. They will not only help you get different perspectives but also add new ideas and tips you may have missed out on. Make sure you calculate and re-calculate the numbers to check feasibility.

Flower Shop - 6 Things To Do Before You Open One
Flower Shop – 6 Things To Do Before You Open One

Your Flower Shop Needs Management

Flower shops are very fast-paced during holidays like Valentine’s day, or mother’s day. You will not only need help with good seasonal people who can help when things get too busy but also help meet all the demands efficiently. It is not a very good idea to bet on friends and family for help as they may have other plans and not be available when you need them. Make sure you plan the right inventory. Too much or too little can have adverse effects on your business and hurt your cash flow and profitability.

Get A Marketing Plan In Order

Why should people buy from you and not your competitor? What makes your shop unique and better from others in the community. How are people going to find you? If you expect the sign on the front of your building to do the job, it probably won’t. Keep aside a clear budget for marketing and branding that answer all these questions. Use social media as well in an effective manner to reach the maximum potential clients. Also, plan a way of selling online. Today almost everything needs a digital footprint and way to purchase online.

Have A Clear Visualization of Your Shop Decorations

What is the theme of your flower shop going to be? How will your visitors experience the walkthrough? Think of all the items that you will display from the door to your sales desk. Making this an experience for the customer with a theme rather than just a set up of random flowers will increase your probability of selling more.

Flower Shop - 6 Things To Do Before You Open One
Flower Shop – 6 Things To Do Before You Open One

A theme like a miniature garden, or a walk in the park is probably a good idea to start with. Use garden props that can look like a small decorative garden. Set up DIY micro landscaping within the store. Use different types of lighting and material to show variety.

Flower Shop - 6 Things To Do Before You Open One
Flower Shop – 6 Things To Do Before You Open One

Setting up a flower shop on your own can be a daunting task or a great experience before you open the doors for your customers. Preparing right for it is the most critical aspect that will define the experience and money you make from doing something you love. Make sure you take the time.

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