Flower Gardening Plants: Easy To Start For Beginners

Flower Gardening Plants

Flower gardening plants are widespread and easy to start. You can create your flower gardening plants with a few tips and tricks from the experts. If your hobby is to start a garden for yourself but doesn’t know the best ones, then this is the right place for you.

Flower Gardening Plants: Sunflower

Sunflowers are one of the most beautiful flowers that one can start planting. They follow the direction of the sun and move towards it. Summers are the best time for these flowers and plants to grow as most of them can grow in drought regions.

Flower Gardening Plants for you
Flower Gardening Plants: Easy To Start For Beginners

These plants can unwind at the height of three feet till up to sixteen feet. However, areas where there is constant waterlogging, they are not suitable for Sunflowers. Moreover, you will need some support to keep the sunflower from breaking during their growing years.

Flower Gardening Plants: Zinnias

If you have found yourself gazing at a flower which looks full and comes in different colours of red, yellow, pink and white, then these are Zinnias. These flowers are grown three to four times in the year and goes only up to twenty-four inches.

Again, they are summer bloomers and come in different shapes and colors. Their names can go like daisies, dahlias, spiders and poms etc. You will usually find them attracted by Butterflies and grow on soils that are rich in nutrients. This flower grows well in full sun and has low water requirements.

Flower Gardening Plants: Marigolds

Marigolds are very commonly gowned home plants. Nearly all gardeners will have at least one stock which grows Marigold. It comes in various colours like orange, red, mixed colour and light and dark yellow. You too can grow this plant by getting the right drained soil in a pot. Some claim that it can grow well in dry and arid regions again.

Flower Gardening Plants in your garden
Flower Gardening Plants: Easy To Start For Beginners

The stalk reaches up to a maximum height of thirty-six inches and takes less time to grow from seed. It is slightly easier to maintain in comparison to other plants. It would help if you watered it optimally every day and put it in a place of optimum sunlight.

Flower Gardening Plants: Morning Glories

This beautiful flower called morning Glories are sky blue in colours and looks very attractive under the sun. These plants can grow up to fifteen feet of height. Surprisingly, these flowers are self-sowing, so you will often find them on the roadside while driving on the high way. Well-drained soil is very fertile for them to grow with occasional watering during times of drought.


Therefore, there are plenty of plants that one can start with their gardening journey. Starting with the easy one will help in moving forward with confidence.

You can reach out to your local florist and neighbours who are deeply into gardening. They can help you with understanding the basics to do and how best to manage your plants.

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