Fall Flower Gardening – Spring Through Fall

Fall Flower Gardening

Fall Flower Gardening is an exciting and rewarding hobby. Not only does it provide a great way to spend time with the family, but there is also a great way to make some extra money as well. In fact, many people enjoy fall gardening so much that it is becoming one of the more popular pastimes in the United States.

About Fall Flower Gardening

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If you enjoy gardening, then fall is definitely the time of year when your garden can really come to life. Flowers begin their seasonal changes around the beginning of October and they are sure to peak in November. In order to make this happen, you have to take a few simple steps. These will help you grow flowers at all of the perfect times of the year.

Easiest Time To Plant Flowers

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The easiest time to plant flowers is late September through November. This will give your garden the most flowers possible and will allow them to bloom for up to six months. Since early September is when all the hard work of fall garden maintenance and preparation takes place, it is best to leave this part of the season until just before the first snowfall. During the fall you are looking at four months before your garden needs attention again. During this time you will be able to get any blooms that have not bloomed for this long and you should be prepared to do even more of the work in preparation for the spring.

Another good time for a flower garden is during early winter. This is a great time to plant the majority of your plants because the soil is frozen over and it will still be warm enough for the flowers to thrive. The colder weather of late autumn will also encourage the growth and production of buds on many of your flowers. By planting during this time, you will also be able to enjoy more varieties of flowers that may not have blossomed prior to the winter.

Great Time To Plant

The last time for a great time to plant is around early March. If you were to plant this early, you will have a very nice harvest in May or June. You will be able to pick the flowers off of the roots without having to wait long for the bulbs to bloom.

Now you may be wondering how you can tell that time is the best time to plant. There are many signs that will let you know the best time to plant a variety of flowers. The first indicator is the color of the flowers. The color is a good indication of whether they are blooming or not and whether or not they are ready to be picked. You want the colors to be white or cream, as they are generally easier to pick off of the roots when they are cold.

The second sign is the shape of the flower. Tulips, lilies and calla lilies are always round and will need to be planted on a sloping garden path. Others may have rounded tops or arched stems that resemble the leaves of a shrub. Most flowers do not have a solid shape and can be placed almost anywhere you would like.


Most flowers will bloom in late summer, so the best time to plant them would be around early spring. However, it is important to take these two indicators into account and remember that they will usually bloom during fall before you begin planting them in the late spring. With the exception of tulips, most flowers will bloom in early spring. So take a few extra weeks in advance to ensure that you are ready for the blooms to bloom before winter sets in.

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