Facts About Corpse Flowers

Facts About Smelly Plants: Corpse

Corpse flowers are the flowers from one of the world’s largest and rarest flowering structuring plant. Though it blooms but it blooms for a very short period of time. But if you think these flowers have a pleasant smell than you are highly mistaken as the corpse flowers have a bad smell as rotten meat. Do you know the reason? When I came across this, I was very curious to know about this fact as it sounded very unusual. The reason behind this is that some carnivores’ insects like dung beetles and flesh flies eat dead flesh which act as the pollinators for these plants. The pollinators are attracted towards the rotting smell produced by the plant and thus, helping in the continuation of the species.

Journey Of A Corpse Flower

Facts About Smelly Plants: Corpse Flowers
Facts About Smelly Plants: Corpse Flowers

Corpse flowers take years to bloom while some blooms in a few decades. The energy of the plant is stored in a corm and not in seeds. Wondering what corm is? Ah! Corm is a heavy swollen stem base which is around 100lbs (45kg) to 220lbs(100kg) which also the world’s largest corm. Not only the size of the corm is surprising but also the leaf, yes, a single leaf is equal to the size of a small tree which shoots up from the corm.

The huge leaf than grows into the three sections which sprouts more leaflets. Can you imagine, that this leaf from where the sprouts grew dies in a year. So, finally after years, the plant has gathered energy to bloom a flower but to its bad, the flower blooms only for 24-36 hours. We have a reason for this too! Yes, the odour we talked about before has its hold only for a few days as they are exposed to open places.

Storing Energy For Corpse Flower

As the corpse flower starts blooming, in back to back two nights the two stages are observed:

  • female stage, the stage where the rings are formed around the bottom of the spadix also known as inner tube structure. Giving it the name as the female flower.
  • male stage, the stage where the spadix is right above the female flower.
Facts About Smelly Plants: Corpse Flowers
Facts About Smelly Plants: Corpse Flowers

Conserving the corpse flowers

Corpse flower is declared as vulnerable as they grow in the wild tropical regions of Asia but due to high deforestation the trees are being cut down and the spaces are being used for industrialization. The count says that 72% of the rainforests in Asia are cleared and the rest is at the alarming rate.

Let’s join our hands! And take the initiative of planting a tree for one human being than the world will be a more happy place to be in and enjoy nature at its best! 

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