Facts About Flowers: 12 Amazing Facts

Facts About Flowers: 12 Amazing Facts

Flowers have always attracted the eyes of the individuals who have a knowledge of it or are just the admirers of nature. Flowers have, however, have intrigued many of us with its uniqueness, beauty, and scents which can mesmerize us. This helps us to travel to a whole new world where only such beauty and creation exists. These are gifts of nature and it is our duty to not only preserve them but help them retain their unique and unbelievable properties altogether. Being an admirer of nature, you should definitely know some strange yet fun facts about flowers which are quite rare to be known, they are as follows :

Facts About Flowers: 12 Amazing Facts
Facts About Flowers: 12 Amazing Facts


During the 17th century, in Holland tulip bulbs were of much valuable cost than gold. This follower, however, symbolizes immortality. Tulips back in the days were quite expensive having a life span of 3 to 7 days utmost.

Gas Plant

Also known as the burning bush. The leathery textured green leaves, flowers and seeds have a strong fragrance of lemon which keeps you calm during a summer night.

Facts About Flowers: Angelica

This flower was used back in the days in Europe to cure everything. From the bubonic plague to even indigestion, this flower was a solution to everything. It was believed that this flower can be used to break an evil spell by having a ritual bath with it. It acts as a remedy to all the health problems concerned.

Facts About Flowers: 12 Amazing Facts
Facts About Flowers: 12 Amazing Facts


This type of flower is very rare to be seen. The interesting point about this type of flower is that it develops flowers of one bamboo species at the same time wherever these are located in the whole world. It also helps to clean the air.

Facts About Flowers: Lotus

Lotus was considered a sacred flower by the Egyptians back in the days as it was used during the burial rituals. It was considered as a symbol of eternal life by them.

Blue Cohosh

Also known as papoose rot, which was used by Native Americans earlier as a medium of easy labor for childbirth.


It is believed that this flower tracks itself as the direction of the sun. The seeds of this flower are, however, rich in oil thus, used as a cooking oil in several households.


This flower grows in a single boom and then dies.

Moon Flower

It blooms only at night and closes itself during the day time.


This flower is related to apples, cherries, peaches, almonds, raspberries as well. Rosehips are considered to be very high in Vitamin C. Many use it to make jams, jellies or even brew tea. Egyptians used it as a ritual to praise the deity.


It produces the world’s smallest fruit called the utricle. Having no roots helps the flower float in water.

Titan Arum

They are the world’s largest flower. It is also known as a corpse flower due to its smell.

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