About Lotus Flower


Lotus is a significant flower in different cultures. From ancient Egypt to Buddhism, the flower is the most used flower used in religious practices.

The lotus blooms in unlikely places such as murky river water. However, due to the waxy protection layers on its leaves and petals, the flower beauty remains intact. Lotus flower submerges in the muddy water at night and re-emerges in the morning.

The following are the believes associated with the Lotus flower in different cultures.

It’s A Symbol Of Purity In Buddhism Religion

In Buddhism, the Lotus flower is a sacred plant. Its symbolized faithfulness, spiritual awakening, and purity. The lotus flower is considered pure due to its ability to emerge from pod waters. The flower emerges in the morning perfectly clean.

The Buddhism culture believes that the flower represents a rebirth of purity in an individual’s soul. The flower breaks a surface every morning. It’s associated with spiritual enlightenment.

In Buddhism, the flower is not worshiped. It only symbolizes the spiritual values of believers. Followers strive to live their life like a Lotus flower that maintains it’s purity.

Lotus Flower Was A Symbol For Rebirth In Ancient Egypt

Lotus flower retracts into the water at night and emerges in the sun the following day. The pattern of retracting and emerging from the water was believed to symbolize rebirth in ancient Egypt.

The lotus follows the movement of the sun. Therefore, the ancient Egyptians also used the flower as a symbol for the Sun and God’s creation. Many scholars believed that the lotus emerged from the water carrying the Sun.

The lotus in the Egyptian kingdom was also a symbol of a union of two different kingdoms. It was used in a common cultural ritual to bond the lower and upper Egypt.

In the upper kingdom, the lotus was commonly used in art and hieroglyphics. Papyrus plant was common in southern Egypt. Therefore, the picture of Papyrus and Lotus that had been grown together were used as a symbol to bring together the two kingdoms.

The Lotus Flower In Hinduism

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Everything You Need To Know About Lotus Flower


Hinduism has the strongest belief associated with the lotus. The lotus is associated with eternity, prosperity, fertility, beauty, and spirituality.

Different colors of the flowers represent different beliefs. The most common lotus in Hinduism is the white flower. The white lotus has more significance in the culture as compared to the other types of lotus.

As discussed above, lotus can emerge from muddy waters pure and undamaged. Therefore, due to this ability, the flower represents spirituality and wisdom in an enlightened person.

The re-emergence of the lotus from murky waters represents an individual who can carry their task with wisdom. A person who can complete his duties without the concern for reward. The flower also signifies that an individual can live their life fully without attachment to their surrounding environment.

The open and unopened buds are associated with human traits. The unopened lotus represents a folded human soul that can open and unfold itself up to divine truth.


Different cultures have their own believes towards the lotus flower. However, there is a consensus among all the cultures. The flower is representing spiritual purity. The flower defies the logic of growing in muddy water. This is the reason all culture belief that lotus flower is a symbol of purity.

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