The Origin of Flowers


We all love looking at flowers, and they also make up for great decoration. But there are instances when we wonder about the origin of flowers. Where did they come from? How did they start growing on our planet? Who was behind this? Let us try to decode this mystery behind the origin of flowers.

The Amborella trichopoda is just like any other tree which you can find around the planet. But it is unique because it is the sister species of angiosperms. And this means that it is the last survivor of the species, which can help in understanding the origin of flowers. Ever since its discovery, there have been many studies to understand more about this specific flower. Let us look at where we stand after years of research.

The Origin Of Flowers

Everything On The Origin of Flowers
Everything On The Origin of Flowers

The study proves that the traits of Amborella, which it shares with all the other angiosperms, are primitive traits that were also present in their common ancestors. Scientists were able to discover these traits, which means that all of them shared an ancestor. It is an extraordinary plant as it is the first branching plant with flowers on it. Because of this, there can be several types of research in the future, which will be based on its existence.

Throughout history, it is evident that the angiosperms keep on replicating their complete genomes. And this has been the reason behind their evolution and also a success. But when it comes to the genome of Amborella, they show one event, epsilon, which precedes even the angiosperms. There has been an indication of epsilon in previous researches, but this confirms it. Because of this, it will be easier to understand how angiosperms diversified so extensively.

By comparing the genome of Amborella with those of other plants, the team was also able to create a portfolio of genes resembling the ancestors of the flower. So if you want to understand more about the origin of flowers, this will surely give you a bit of idea. The revelation was shocking as the production of flowers was not just because of the shifting of the expression of genes. There was a large part of novelty in it too.

Understand More About Amborella

Everything On The Origin of Flowers
Everything On The Origin of Flowers

The mitochondrial genome has DNA that matches the DNA from mitochondria of different types of plants. Moreover, there was an active match with three algae and also a moss. Amborella has been getting all these genes by making direct contact with all the other plants which live on it or inside it. Though some of these genes are functional, most of them are of no use. But the fact is that Amborella is not losing it as rapidly as other plants do.

Amborella is a rare plant and is highly diverse. It has been able to pass through several bottlenecks throughout history. There have been situations when it has almost gone extinct. But one way or the other, they have managed to survive all those years. And because of this only, today we can understand and study more about the origin of flowers.

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