Container Garden Ideas For A Beautiful Home

Container Garden Ideas

Plenty of people who are extremely interested in gardening ultimately give up on the idea because of lack of space. It is one of the major hurdles whenever someone thinks of having one’s own garden. However, with container gardening this issue can easily be sorted. Container garden is one of the best ways to grow a beautiful and charming garden within limited space. It is becoming increasingly popular because of the growing number of apartments that do not have enough space for a full fledged garden. You can get extremely creative and have flowers, vegetables, herbs, grasses, and more with the help of some nifty container garden ideas. Let’s check them out!

How To Start Container Gardening

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Before you come up with your container garden, it is best to perform some research. In case you are new at this, you will know the knowhow about various species of plants and herbs and the condition best suited for their healthy growth. You will also need to research a little to get some ideas about your container garden. The basics remain the same though – air, light, and water.

One of the recent trends in container gardening has been landscape container. It can be created using evergreen trees in containers placed at the entrance, while maintaining proper drainage. Or, you can use multiple flowers and create a colorful and beautiful assortment. Flower plants look best when they are spilling somewhat outside the containers. Place them at the patio, or balcony, or on the deck, or by the front door. The idea is to keep it visible for the visitors so that they can enjoy the beauty.

Few Useful Container Gardening Ideas


Container gardening need not always be for decorative purposes. You can have extremely useful plantations if you choose carefully and wisely. You can easily have vegetables and fruits growing out of your containers and they can be a lot tastier than what you will get at the regular grocery stores. If you follow chiefs, you will know that many of them have their own garden at home because they avoid the stuff sold at the stores in order to get better taste. And, never forget the herbs. Few different herbs can add zest to your garden as well as your meals.

If you are planning on trying out the fruits, you will have to do some more research. There are dwarf variations of almost every fruit tree. These are often used when people are cultivating bonsai. These need less quantity of soil and also absorb less nutrition than a full blown tree. And, of course, you can easily have them growing in your pots. You will also have to consider the climate of your place. A year round warm climate is best for the citrus fruits. Or, you can stay with the pears, apples, and cherries. You can also try out growing strawberries since it will not be affected much by the climate and you will be able to take the pot inside your place as well.

Things To remember While Container Gardening

When you are going to indulge in container gardening, you will have to consider the moisture of the soil. Container gardens will dry out faster and much easily. This can potentially kill the plants. So, remember to keep your containers properly hydrated. Too much water can also kill the plants.

Another point to consider is the fertilizer. Your container garden will need additional fertilizer and it is best to maintain notes about the nutrients that you plant needs. You will also have to watch out for pests, just like you do in case of regular gardens. Your container garden is also susceptible to infestations. In case that happens, isolate the infected plant immediately and use natural pesticides to get rid of the pests. Here is a great natural pesticide recipe that should help you avoid all the harmful chemical alternatives:

Take 1 teaspoon dishwashing liquid and mix it with 1 cup of vegetable oil in a jar. Mix this well by shaking vigorously. Once the mixture is ready add just 2 teaspoon of it to 1 cup of water and mix in a spray bottle. Use this at an interval of ten days. It is extremely effective against aphids, whiteflies, scales, and various other pests.

You can check the internet, especially places like Instagram and Pinterest to get some great decorative ideas for your container garden. So, implement them and turn your place beautiful and attractive.

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