Colorful Blooms


Chile’s Atacama Desert remains dry throughout the year, and hence, it is considered as one of the driest places on this planet. During September to November in every 5-7 years, it is flush with the Colorful Blooms after the heavy rain. This desert gets only 0.6 inches of rainfall each year, and yet, whenever it rarely rains in winter, it becomes flush with flowers of many colors. The desert looks lovely when the flowers of red, purple, yellow shades grow. Also, due to El Nino or a climate change in the Pacific Ocean, this change occurs very rarely. Once every 5 or 7 years, you will see these flowers, and hence, they are exceptional. Now, let us know about some of the flowers in detail.

Colorful Blooms Sprout Across the World's Driest Desert
Colorful Blooms Sprout Across the World’s Driest Desert

Yellow Posies Colorful Blooms

Yellow is a color that symbolizes positivity and harmony. When the dessert is filled with beautiful yellow posies, it looks gorgeous. The most surprising fact is that once a dry desert is now filled with yellow posies after a sudden unexpected rain. As the yellow color is very vibrant, one can see these flowers right from the south of the city of Vallenar.

Purple Fields Colorful Blooms

The flowers, naturally, attract a lot of tourists during the blooming season, and therefore, many people go and watch them. Once you reach there during the time, you will find long stretched purple fields that look marvelous. Purple is the color that symbolizes friendship and nobility. Hence, the place becomes a royal place on Earth, where you get to see something rare and extraordinary.

Mountain Backdrop

Many tourists come to see and photograph the various species of flora in this desert. If you look at the mountain, you will also notice yellow and black flowers. The collage of these two colors creates a lush or carpet-like look. It looks wonderful and motivates the scientists to research more about the desert. They claim that there had been lakes and marshes instead of the desert once upon a time.

Colorful Blooms Sprout Across the World's Driest Desert
Colorful Blooms Sprout Across the World’s Driest Desert

Other Plants

You will also come across a white floral rush, which looks like popcorn. All you will visualize is a speckled white landscape. White is the color synonymous with peace and serenity, and this is the place where you will get the exact feeling of calmness. Many tourists photograph the white popcorn-like flowers in the desert as it looks spectacular. The Atacama Desert is known as the driest non-polar desert on Earth, and therefore, it is a special place on this planet. It is also one of the deserts with the highest latitude. The climate here is rare to be found anywhere else in the world as it changes unexpectedly from extreme hot to cold — the reason for this change if El Nino. The western coast of South America faces this climate change, which happens due to the warm ocean water temperatures. Interestingly, the tourists visit the desert to witness more than 200 species of flowers from different species. Though it depends upon the time, there are some common flowers that bloom more often.

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