Choosing Whole Food Wedding Flowers

whole food wedding flowers

A traditional wedding bouquet is made up of different flowers, with the main highlight being a large, showy, or large hand-carved flower, usually roses. The bouquet is then complemented by a traditional bride’s bouquet of small boutonnieres, held in place by ribbons and the stems are decorated with crystal or Swarovski crystals. It may be argued that a modern bride’s bouquet would not be complete without a small boutonniere, and it is widely accepted that a modern bride’s bouquet is more diverse than her predecessors. There has however been a trend for brides to include small but tasteful and useful wedding flowers in their bouquets, and a whole food wedding flower delivery business has arisen as a result.

These whole food wedding flowers providers are able to supply brides with a beautiful composition of flowers that is very different from the traditional wedding bouquet. For example, whole food bouquets may contain small blooms of lavender, lilies, or daisies, which are usually very subdued colors. Alternatively, a well-selected small boutonniere may comprise pink or red roses, or purple hydrangeas, or even orange peonies, all of which would beautifully contrast against the white or cream of the traditional bridal bouquet.

When choosing bouquets for a whole food wedding, there are some general stylistic considerations to keep in mind. The most important consideration is that whatever the bridal bouquet is, it should complement the bride’s dress. It is not at all advisable to choose an entirely different floral arrangement for a wedding involving a very formal dress as opposed to a casual or comfortable outfit. Brides who wear dresses with high collars often find themselves choosing flowers with lower focal points that do not complement their dress. This is a mistake and often leads to the blossoms being misplaced on either side of the dress or on the floor.

Whole Food Wedding Flowers

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There are a few other general stylistics to keep in mind when choosing bouquets for a wedding. One of them is that the bridal bouquet should always match the gown in which the bride is wearing. If the bridal gown has a low, swept-back veil, then the bridal bouquet should have a similar design. If the bridal gown is off the shoulder, then the flower choices for the entire wedding party should reflect this.

Another important factor to consider when choosing whole food wedding flowers is the actual container in which they will be presented. Most wedding flower vendors and florists will supply a small boutonniere for the presentation of the flowers. This is a very convenient option and it allows all of the guests at the wedding to experience the beauty of the wedding flowers from the outside. If the container is not attractive or if the ribbon does not tie properly then the presentation will suffer.

A Much Ado

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There is a very large selection of different-sized containers from which to choose. If you are a bit short on space and are concerned about how many delicate bouquets can be presented at one time, then you can buy small-sized containers that fit snugly in a clutch bag or pocket. These bouquets are not only more appropriate for smaller weddings but can also be used for garden weddings or ceremonies held in an outdoor garden. If you are having a formal wedding ceremony with a large group of people then you may want to buy a larger container or have your guests bring a bouquet. If you are having a very casual outdoor ceremony then a simple arrangement of small-sized flowers will work just as well. Just remember that if you order a small container that it may take quite a long time for your flowers to arrive!

It can be very tricky to balance the needs of the bride with those of the groom when choosing a floral arrangement. The bride may want her bouquets to match hers or they may want theirs to contrast. Sometimes the bride may not feel like there is enough color in the flowers or there is too much of a contrast between her flowers and the food offered. In these cases, it is often possible to compromise by ordering a little more than you think is necessary for the wedding party and then balancing it out with other arrangements for the tables.

Bottom Line

Choosing whole food wedding flowers can be fun and exciting! Be sure to try new things and see what kinds of arrangements work best for you and your guests. If you need help choosing the perfect arrangement ask one of your florists to help you and let them know what styles, colors, and textures appeal to you. After all, the flowers should complement the food.

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